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Vehicle Wraps in Cincinnati

In one of Ohio’s major population hubs, businesses have the opportunity to extend their vehicle advertising efforts to new levels in Cincinnati and beyond.

At SpeedPro Cincinnati East, we’ll use our extensive experience to help create custom vehicle wraps that drum up interest in your company no matter where your cars, trucks or vans go.

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Why Use Custom Vehicle Wraps?

The average American drives more than 300 miles a week, and that total seems to rise every year. Naturally, businesses have sought ways to take advantage of the activity, like through billboards. Now, advances in technology have created a new outlet.

It’s not a coincidence that the country’s vehicle wrapping industry is expected to double in revenue from $480 million in 2016 to $1.3 billion in 2022. Studies have shown that a single wrap can generate upwards of 70,000 impressions per day, with an average of 8.4 million occurring over the course of a year. Not only are wraps reaching people, but they’re also leaving lasting impressions. About 97 percent of drivers say they are more likely to remember the services and products advertised on vehicle wraps.

This strategy is also cost-friendly, as this marketing offers the lowest cost per 1,000 impressions of any advertising medium. It will run you about $0.70 for a vehicle wrap, which easily trumps both a TV spot in a prime time slot ($20.54) and a quarter-page ad in a newspaper ($11.66).

Partial or Full Vehicle Wraps

Both full and partial vehicle wraps from SpeedPro will be bold and bright enough to draw drivers’ attention for miles.

Our full vehicle wraps can cover almost every part of most vehicles, giving you a fully functional billboard to hit the road with. Partial vehicle wraps cover one side or a localized area.

As a proud part of the nation’s biggest large format printing company, we utilize state-of-the-art printing technology and long-life inks on all of our projects. Vehicle wraps are naturally included in that deal, so you’ll be receiving quality across the board.

Prior to printing, we can use our predictive software to create a digital rendering of your project, which will allow you to see a preview that you can give feedback on. Once we have the design and printing aspects planned out, we simply ask that you have your vehicles washed to clear them of any residue that might affect the installation process. You can then drop them off at our studio, where we’ll get to work as quickly as possible.

Your Printing Partner for Striking Vehicle Advertising in Cincinnati

If you want to partner with us to begin or enhance your vehicle advertising campaign, contact our studio today to set up your consultation. You can also meet with us at our studio, located on Ford Circle, near Route 50 and Interstate 275.

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