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Floor Graphics in Cincinnati

Floor graphics printing is one of the most unique ways to promote a brand or catch the eye and interest of people walking by. Whether you’re displaying an image or writing out your slogan in plain sight, custom floor graphics allow people to be aware of their surroundings and get some information from the ground up.

Think about all the school gymnasiums you’ve been in or the professional sports fields you’ve visited. Team logos, promotional sponsors and walking directions are laid out in perfect viewing position. You might be walking right over them and looking at your feet or sitting up above with a bird’s-eye view of the design.

With vinyl printing and fade-resistant inks, SpeedPro Cincinnati North will brighten your business and event space. Adding an extra level of design and branding to your floor can positively influence the entire experience of a customer or visitor. Located in Cincinnati, our studio lends services to companies in the surrounding Ohio area, down to Lexington.

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Unforgettable Custom Floor Graphics

By decorating your floors, you’re ensuring your customers have all the information they need regarding where they are, who you are and what services or details they can obtain. You also enhance the look of your place by adding more than just banners and graphics to your walls and windows.

Allow customers’ feet to guide them into your event or place of business — use vibrant custom floor clings.

If your business sells a lot of inventory, use vinyl floor graphics to feature your most popular or necessary items. Perhaps you’re a bakery famous for specializing in pies or cupcakes. Installing a floor graphic of these food products will not just encourage people to ask for the item but also create an environment specific to your specialty services.

You can add a number of specialty finishes to the design of your vinyl floor graphic. Matte and gloss finishes are very popular and can enhance the look and performance of your visual. If you want to grab the most attention from the ground level, remember that adding gloss to your design will help reflect light, whether from outside or inside. A matte finish can give a professional, clean look to match the rest of your interior design, enabling your floor graphic to seamlessly blend into the aesthetic of your building.

With floor graphics, you gain the ability to not just capture the attention of a customer but also interact with them. Signifiers such as arrows or footprints can literally guide people into your office space or around your venue, leading them to featured areas.

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Custom floor clings don’t just apply to hard indoor surfaces. You can dress up the pavement outside of your venue, welcoming people off the street to learn more about your business. Floor graphics can get people excited about your business or service before they even step inside the front door.

If you’re ready to move your brand onto a larger and more accessible surface, add custom floor graphics to your marketing methods today. Call us today to learn more about our services and set up a consultation to fully flesh out your ideas for your brand promotion.

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