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Wall Coverings in Grimes

Create a welcoming and professional work environment with a series of custom wall coverings that highlight your company’s tone and image.

At SpeedPro Des Moines, we offer a wealth of knowledge and extensive resources to complete any request that comes our way. We work with companies throughout Dallas, Polk and Story counties, so come visit us to get started.

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Interior Wall Coverings That Improve Any Space

We’ve worked with a huge number of different businesses throughout Iowa’s capital region, which provides us with insights into the local economy’s workings that other studios would be hard-pressed to offer. Not only do we have the expertise, but we also possess the tools to fulfill any project. As a part of the nation’s biggest large-format graphics provider, we utilize cutting-edge printing technology and industry-leading materials.

On top of that, we commit a tireless work ethic in helping our clients achieve their goals. We respect your project, and we’ll try our best to implement a unique approach within our general framework so that you receive the best results. After understanding what makes you unique, we’ll then go through our extensive product catalog to find commercial wall coverings that fit the bill.

If you’re hunting for a visual tool that’s big, bold and effective, use our vibrant custom large format wall murals!

These marketing tools can be commissioned to fit most walls, and we’ll tweak them to fit in at your venue too. Whether it’s a university, sports complex or eatery, it’s all on the table. We’ll take exact measurements of your space and do a wall material test so that we’ll have to install only once.

Your Options for Unique Custom Wall Coverings

Murals are a long-term fix, but some businesses don’t have that luxury. Fortunately, we also offer plenty of short-term graphics in the form of custom-cut decals and canvas art.

Vinyl decals can be crafted to fit a range of applications. Whether it’s displaying your logo or showing an infographic, they come in multiple sizes, shapes and materials. You choose from types that include calendar, comply, metallic, cast, reflective, fluorescent, iridescent, diamond plate, carbon fiber and more.

If you’d like traditional decoration that diverges a bit from other commercial wall coverings, a canvas is the way to go. Our prints are made from materials that include polyester, polyester/cotton blend and cotton. They can be finished in satin or matte.

We also offer acoustic felt panels, which can absorb excess sound at restaurants and other establishments where noise can become a distraction. Available in many colors and sizes, these graphics serve a functional purpose while fitting in with your more artful pieces.

No matter what you choose, your new products will be lined up with your old elements through our use of expert color-matching practices.

Dynamic Wall Coverings for Businesses in Grimes

Contact us today if you’re ready to set up your consultation with our team. You can also choose to stop by our studio, which is located on 37th Street, near Route 141, just north of Interstate 35 in Grimes

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