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Floor Graphics in Birmingham, AL

Are you tired of only adding promotional signage to your walls? Maybe you invested in banners, but now you feel like your room or office feels a little crowded? Do you want a new technique to try that takes center stage and influences your corporate environment, yet doesn’t interfere with spacing issues? Floor graphics printing is the next step, and SpeedPro Direct is more than ready to help.

Floor graphics are designs that continue to drive your branding experience in a noninvasive way. Anyone who walks directly over the graphic will fixate on the image and message. Even customers and guests who aren’t in immediate contact with the floor graphic will likely see it in their peripheral view, which can encourage them to walk closer to check it out!

Vinyl floor graphics are an effective and easy way to brand your event or office with your company’s image. Companies who are looking to expand their visual signage in Birmingham and the surrounding areas of Tuscaloosa, Montgomery and Huntsville, are encouraged to reach out to our studio to get started.

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How to Customize Vinyl Floor Graphics

At SpeedPro Direct, we ensure all our floor graphics are printed with the best materials possible to ensure longevity and impact. We craft all our decals and clings with vinyl and UV-resistant inks for strength and minimal fading. Plus, the flexibility of vinyl means your floor graphics can adhere to a variety of surfaces and flooring situations!

Our team wants to provide you with visual solutions built to last, which is why we’ll coat your floor graphics with a protective laminate. Some options available at our studio include:

  • Gloss
  • Luster
  • Matte
  • Textured

These laminates, including clear top coast, prolong the lifespan and visibility of your custom floor graphics.

Floor Graphics Laminates

Each laminate suits any setting you may wish to add a floor graphic to. For instance, offices might want a subtle graphics option. Matte laminates perfectly match the serene, clean look of most office buildings, and will also minimize any glaring distractions. However, for corporate events, you’ll probably prefer your floor cling to take up space and attract attention from your guests. Glossy and textured laminates help your graphics make a statement, even when sitting below normal eye-level point-of-views.

Anti-Skid Laminates

Perhaps you’re concerned about people walking over your graphic and any potential damage that could result. The good news? We’ve got you covered! You can request anti-skid laminates to ensure no one will slip and slide by mistake over your company’s logo. Anti-graffiti laminates also help protect your graphic from any errant skid marks or abrasive markings, keeping your graphic in perfect view.

Floor Graphics Printing in Birmingham, AL

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