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Specialty Graphics in Minneapolis, MN

Passing around relevant information and keeping your office looking fresh and comfortable are two elements that go hand-in-hand. When you’re trying to reinforce your brand and connect with customers, your graphics have to be attention-grabbing for anyone to want to digest new information. With specialty graphics for businesses, you’re balancing the art of your visual display with the need-to-know data and details for your customers and employees alike.

SpeedPro Eden Prairie is focused on you, your brand and how your business can expand your visual displays. Our specialty graphic solutions are produced in our large-format printing studios all across the nation, delivering results you’re proud of and that exceed expectations. If your company is located in the cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul or Eden Prairie and you’re in need of some new, eye-catching business graphics, reach out to our team today.

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What Are the Best Outdoor Specialty Graphic Solutions?

By adding specialty graphics to your building’s outdoor property, you’ll be able to intrigue passersby whether they’re up close or far away. Emphasize the branded look you’re establishing for your company in a variety of big, bright and bold visual displays. You’ll find large and small pieces that are all highly attractive, including:


Attach banners to community streetlights to get the word out about your business’s operation. Whether you’re merely letting people know where you’re located or getting them excited about an upcoming event you’re hosting, a vinyl banner that’s printed with durable, fade-resistant inks will be sure to catch the eye of townspeople driving by.

Custom Sidewalk Signs

Another technique for incorporating specialty graphics is to create some custom sidewalk signage. A-frames, for instance, are highly recognizable fixtures that fold out like a tent on your patio or outside your front door. This product works great for areas with a large walking public — as people go about their daily business or errands, you can entice them to take a peek inside your storefront and find something for them.

Can You Place Commercial Specialty Graphics Inside?

With our color-matching technology, you’ll receive custom specialty graphics that are irresistible and consistent in color both inside and outside.

When you decorate the inside of your office or building, you’re creating a specific environment for both your customers and your employees. Keep excitement and motivation strong with boldly colored visuals for your team while also generating interest and a positive atmosphere for curious customers. You’ll find options at SpeedPro Eden Prairie that include:

Go large or small, few or plentiful, heavily branded or lightly accented — whatever your graphics goal is, our team has you covered.

Specialty Graphics for Businesses in Eden Prairie

Contact us today or stop into our studio in Eden Prairie today to see firsthand how specialty graphics will increase your customer appeal. When you do, we’ll provide you with a design quote and set up a consultation appointment right away.

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