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Vehicle Fleet Wraps in Fort Collins

When you run a business that requires deliveries, there’s a high chance you have multiple vehicles. Tractor-trailers, huge haulers and middle-sized vans — all of these options are ready to transfer products and goods down the street or into another state. Multiple large trucks and vans already cause a scene on the road, whether that’s because of their large size or their loud noise. Why not take advantage of that extra attention to give viewers more information about what you do?

At SpeedPro of Fort Collins, we focus on how to make your brand more visible in an attractive and appealing way. Vehicle advertising allows you to promote your brand and meet customers head-on, all in a typical day’s work. Our expert team of designers and marketers will work with you to identify the color scheme, image or branded message you’re looking to convey while on the road. Custom fleet wraps can gain your business exposure while giving your vehicles a professional look.

If your company operates in or around the areas of Fort Collins, Loveland and Johnstown, give us a call today to begin your customization process.

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When Should You Install Custom Fleet Wraps?

If you’re looking to make an impact while you work without having to use too many advertising methods, wrapping your trucks and delivery vans in vehicle fleet wraps is for you. By creating an entirely visual design on such a massive vehicle, you’ll be encouraging passersby to look at your brand. Plus, if you’re traveling in a pack to transfer your products, you’ll increase the chances that people are viewing and making a connection with your graphic.

With custom fleet wraps, you’ll gain your business more visibility on the road and therefore more exposure to new customers.

Our team members at SpeedPro of Fort Collins are highly skilled in design and knowledgeable in the world of marketing. They’re able to help you identify the areas of your business you want to emphasize and brand — as well as what materials to use for your custom fleet wraps. No matter if you need a long-term or short-term branded display, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Fleet Wrap Options in Fort Collins

The first important element of our wraps is our use of UV-resistant inks. These inks are created in highly vivid, eye-catching colors to make your image look as sharp as possible. They also help protect against the fading that naturally occurs from extended exposure to sunlight and UV rays, keeping your visual design on display for as long as possible.

Some important aspects of fleet wrapping include both the type of vinyl and coverage amount. Cast and calendar are the two popular vinyl options for wrapping heavy-duty trucks because of their durability and resistance to weather and driving conditions. You’ll have the choice between a full fleet wrap and a partial fleet wrap, which is truly a decision of how much branding you desire. Our SpeedPro team can make sure every surface area of your truck is wrapped and designed — or we’ll dress up only a few specific surfaces, such as just the exterior walls or only the front hood.

Get Vehicle Fleet Wraps Every Driver Will Love

When you’re looking to share your delivery service or transport goods to a wider, larger audience, custom fleet wraps are the way to go. Reach out to our studio today to learn more about the versatility of fleet wraps and receive a free design quote.

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