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Where to Spend Your Budget for Increased Brand Awareness in 2022

DECEMBER 30, 2021| kaylar

A new year has begun and your renewed brand and marketing budget has been set, or will be set soon. Once you’ve got your budget, you can brainstorm the best and most cost efficient ways to improve your branding efforts and extend your marketing reach: x amount will need to go towards website and CRM management, x will go toward paid advertising and so on. One category to consider when divvying up the marketing budget is the large format presence of your business.

Custom graphics with SpeedPro Greenville means our pricing is custom to your order. That means we don’t have many stock prices, but estimates are free. We’ll just ask you a few questions about what you’re looking for so we can help you get the best option available. We’d love to help you with any questions or quote inquiries you have.

Extending Brand Reach with Large Format Graphics

Unless you’re starting up a new business, opening a new location or rebranding, you probably have a tried-and-true storefront business sign. But the brick-and-mortar storefront is only the beginning of the reach and impact your brand can have.

1. Storefront Signage

First things first, the storefront sign. In order for customers to find your business, you’ll need some sort of signage indicating your front door. This signage is typically large enough to be seen from the nearest road and features your business name and/or logo.

Storefront signage is a lengthy process including site visits, permitting, sign fabrication and installation. If you’re working with a deadline, start sooner rather than later. Because a storefront sign is custom, there are many different styles which means pricing will be different for every style.

2. Storefront Window Graphics

Storefront window graphics, another custom branding solution, are great for drawing customers in while also minimizing the sun’s impact on your workspace. These graphics also provide information on who you are and what you do to passersby.

Solid vinyl window graphics can be easily removed for updated images and promotions. Window perf is not as easily removed, but the unique perforated quality of the material allows you to see out your windows, but those outside cannot see in. Both perf and solid vinyl help block the sun.


3. Flags & Banners

Branching out from storefront signage are banners and feather flags. Both are often used to draw attention to a new promotion, location or event.

The most popular feather flag kit is a 14′ tall spike or x-base flag. These kits, including a carrying case, custom graphic and necessary hardware, are typically priced in the low hundreds. Pricing factors include single/double sided graphic and base.

Banners, on the other hand, come in all shapes and sizes. Our banners are custom sizes and priced based on the size. We can print 100 colors or 1 color at the same price.



4. Vehicle Graphics

We can’t forget vehicle graphics! Whether or not your business is centered around mobile services, custom vehicle graphics increase brand awareness everywhere the vehicle goes. An average vehicle wrap get between 30k – 80k views a day. Whether your car is parked or out en route, it’ll never stop showing off your brand.

Full commercial vehicle wraps for sedan-sized vehicles ranges from $2,500 – $3.000. Anything larger increases in price as we base our pricing off the square footage of vinyl used.

Cut graphics and partial wraps also range in price depending on the vinyl used. Pricing starts at $350 for graphics on two doors and a tailgate/trunk.

Increasing Brand Impact with Large Format Graphics

Interior graphics can be used for promoting your brand to customers as well as creating a positive and creative atmosphere for your employees. Although interior graphics may be more subtle in their brand messaging, the images, words and colors you choose to use will help shape your brand image.

Pairing your brand and marketing goals with interior design allows you to communicate what makes you unique as well as improve a room’s aesthetic. According to Hardy Brands, branded interior design enforces and strengthens your business by re-enforcing your customer bond and improving the overall customer experience. You can strengthen your interior design branding and customer experience by marrying brand image with practical décor.

1. Interior Signage

Interior signage comes in many shapes, sizes and styles. You’ve got glowing 3D logo signs that appear behind lobby desks, standing banners showing the newest announcements, directional signage to help customers find the bathroom, etc.

Signage is integrated into almost every aspect of a business’ physical location. No, there’s nothing wrong with opting for standard stock signage, but think of the limitless opportunities to create an inviting atmosphere by personalizing your signage to reflect your brand image.

Since there are so many possibilities when considering interior signage, pricing is custom to your tastes. If you want to be more cost effective, try avoiding additional lights, wall/floor mounts, extra large sizes or more expensive materials such as acrylic.

2. Custom Cut Wall Decals

Whether you’re a retail store or a dentist’s office, your building is bound to have at least one wall bursting with potential for wall décor. Wall decals can be anything from white vinyl lettering to custom cut decals. Depending on your brand image, maybe you’ll opt for some paint splatter decals, a logo or even just a catchy quote.

The addition of a wall decal, as opposed to something larger like a wall mural, will add color and personality to your walls without being overly expensive. A single wall decal and installation can range anywhere from $150 to a few hundred, depending on the size of the decal. You can always choose to add more to the order later.

3. Custom Vinyl Wall Murals

If you’re more of the go-big-or-go-home type of person, consider budgeting for a custom wall mural or two. Your wall mural can be anything – a beautiful cityscape, a digitally designed pattern or scene, or a larger-than-life image of your product or service. What do your walls say about you?

Pricing for wall murals depends on the sizing of the mural. So, if you’re looking at a 5’x5′, you’ll be sitting around $300-400, including installation. Murals can also be paired with other graphic elements to create cool displays. If you’re planning a large-scale branding project, please contact us so we can help you get an accurate quote.

So Basically…

Your marketing budget should cover more just digital marketing and advertisement expenses, though those are very important. Regardless of how you choose to spend your marketing dollars, cultivating the right brand presence is important.

Pricing for most of our graphics is based on your vision’s size. Whatever your vision, we’d love to partner with you to make it a reality. So, take consideration when planning your budget this year. Even if a large scale project takes a few phases, just remember: the finished project will be worth the wait.


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