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Vehicle wraps: a topic we at SpeedPro like to think we know a lot about due to the quantity of business vehicle wraps we do for our people. However, we certainly can’t claim to hold a monopoly on the entire vehicle face lift industry. If you’re looking for a solution to protect your vehicle’s youthful glow, Extreme Colors Auto Spa should be your go-to.

While SpeedPro vinyl will protect your vehicle’s paint to an extent, you’re essentially covering your paint job with a new layer of skin. If, however, you want to keep your vehicle’s original (or recently repainted) paint visible, Extreme Colors offers the solutions you’re looking for.

Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) – A self-healing thermoplastic vinyl about 8 mil thick usually applied to the high-impact areas of a vehicle. This film protects your vehicle from unfortunate rock chips, bug acid and road debris.

Ceramic Pro – A ceramic coating also protects your paint and makes it feel smooth as glass. Think of it like a permanent wax on steriods.

Paint Correction – Extreme Colors can correct paint blemishes such as swirls, acid rain, over-spray, water spots, tree sap, and micro-scratches. They have a special 7-step Total Enhancement & Protection Package service.

PRIME XR Window Tint – Many companies tint windows, but Extreme Colors uses only the highest quality window tint. This specific tinting product is high heat rejecting and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Extreme Colors provides and performs each of these services with enthusiasm and expertise. According to Doug Payne, owner of Extreme Colors, each employee is a car enthusiast, so you know your vehicle is in caring hands. Each of the four shops is climate controlled and well lit for optimal installation conditions.

But Extreme Colors Auto Spa wasn’t always this way. Like any good company, Extreme Colors started off small, but expanded. In 1995, Doug began the company as a wholesale auto body technician source for car dealerships.

In 2012, Extreme Colors began servicing the retail side of the auto body industry and moved into their first brick and mortar. The building began with a single office and a two-car work bay, but over the years more space has been added and the company even expanded into more locations across the Upstate.

While Extreme Colors now caters mostly to car enthusiasts of the Upstate, they still service larger dealerships. For instance, Extreme Colors partnered with BMW in 2013 to become the “official BMW paint protector” for all the BMW Performance Center vehicles. They still work together to this day.

If you’re unfamiliar with the BMW Performance Driving School, this school hosts corporate events, newly purchased BMW test driving and driving classes for all ages. Instructors take you out on the track and take you through different maneuvers as they walk you through using the vehicle.

Extreme colors also partners with SpeedPro Greenville, though on a lesser scale. Doug and Gregg (SpeedPro Greenville’s owner) met through a referral about the time Extreme Colors moved to retail. Since then, Extreme Colors and SpeedPro have worked together on vinyl graphic projects for Doug’s customers, as well as Doug himself. Most recently, SpeedPro printed two fantastic wraps for some Extreme Colors vehicles.

Since Extreme Colors in the automotive industry and we work with vehicles often, you’d think we would be competitors. Quite the opposite in fact. SpeedPro Greenville works primarily with vinyl to wrap business’ vehicles for on the go marketing. Extreme Colors uses specialty products and techniques to make your car maintain it’s youthful glow.

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