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Fleet Wraps

APRIL 25, 2018| alexbmilestone


Vehicle Wrap

Why Invest In Wrapping Your Fleet?

Have you ever been stuck in traffic somewhere and looked around to see a group of trucks from the same trucking company surrounding you? It’s both intimidating and impressive. The impact of a gang of trucks is so successful because of their large size and repeated message.
If you run a business that sends out a lot of trucks or vans for deliveries or shipping purposes, SpeedPro would love to set you up with our custom vehicle fleet wraps.

SpeedPro Greenville serves all areas centralized around Greenville, SC. Stop by today to get started on a project with us — you’ll have your custom wraps ready in no time! Request a free quote now.

Custom Wraps for Your Fleet

Designing fleet wraps for your box trucks is a process that combines our expertise with your knowledge and needs. Once we discuss what your brand is and what the identifying features of your business are, we’ll create a visual solution that best represents your brand in an appealing and effective way.

When it comes to our fleet wraps, we offer two types depending on your long-term needs — cast or calendar. Cast vinyl is highly durable, lasting up to seven years. The production of cast vinyl also creates a very thin sheet, allowing it to hold and maintain colors and pigments. Calendar vinyl is another option, with a typical lifespan of three years. This vinyl is typically printed a bit thicker, which can be easier to apply than a thin or flimsy sheet.

SpeedPro Greenville also holds the capacity to customize full or partial fleet wraps. We’ll help you decide the better option for your business’s needs. Typically, a full fleet wrap will be for a long-term and full-blown rebranding project, whereas a partial wrap will be used for the short-term or an updated design.

When you meet with us for your consultation, we’ll be able to identify which type of vinyl and coverage would work best. You can mix and match or stick to the norm. For example, if you have a brand-new business and want to really make an impact with your brand, you’ll probably want a full wrap with calendar vinyl, as it will give you the most visibility cost-effectively. If you’re an established company looking for a rebrand, you may choose cast vinyl for its long-term and high-quality ink features while deciding between a full or partial wrap.

We’re Here to Help in Greenville

If you’re interested in the idea of fleet wraps and want to complete the look of your trucking vehicles, contact our studio today. We’ll set up a date and time for a one-on-one consultation to create the right custom fleet wrap for your business.

Along with fleet wraps, SpeedPro Greenville also specializes in custom interior graphics as well as window decals. We look forward to working with you to fulfill your branding needs! Request a free quote now or check out our list of products.

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