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Rebranding? Don’t Forget to Update These Items!

APRIL 28, 2023| kaylar

Rebranding a business can be a daunting task for everyone, even experienced marketers. Once the new branding is approved, your next step is to incorporate it into just about everything. This could require updating websites, designing new handouts, updating OOH advertisements, ordering new company shirts and more! While this switch is often done in stages and as needed, it doesn’t hurt to have a rebranding checklist you can mark off as you go.

Rebranding a business can be a daunting task for everyone, even experienced marketers.

After you have your new set of brand guidelines, use those guidelines to adjust and update your different types of collateral. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, though. For instance, if you’ve only changed your logo and colors, simply switch out logos and change colors instead of redesigning everything.

Digital Platforms

As you know, having a cohesive, attractive online presence is crucial to converting customers. In many cases, your customers find your business via digital ads or google search. Both discovery avenues require an attractive, digital presence that entices potential customers to convert online or visit in-store.


Your website is probably one of the first areas you’ve considered updating. Because your website acts as your digital storefront, you’ll want to make sure to update your pages with your new branding. Don’t forget about your landing pages and any pages being linked to by QR codes or other links!

Sometimes you’re able to change default font or color setting, so make sure to double check that before you manually change everything!

Google My Business

As the digital billboard pointing to your website, your GMB listing should stay up to date regardless of whether you’re going through a rebrand. Anyone interested in your products and/or services should be able to find your business and contact information with one easy web search.

Digital Ads

When someone clicks an ad for your business, you want the info on the ad to match the landing page, right? Double check that your ads and landing pages both have the right branding incorporated to keep your first impressions consistent.

Social Media

Social media is a huge way to connect with younger generations. When you rebrand, make sure your new branding and voice are evident. There’s no need to edit repost all your previous posts (that would be exhausting), but you can change your profile icons and incorporate the new branding in posts moving forward.

You could also post about the rebrand on social media and draw more attention to your rebranded business.


In addition to updating your online presence, you’ll need to update your physical store as well. Depending on what parts of your brand has changed and how drastically, that could include all sorts of new signage, wall paint, furniture changes, etc. Not everything has to be changed though, and you may consider only replacing signage that has the old graphics incorporated.

Storefront & Monument Signage

Wayback Burgers storefront sign in black.

Most businesses have signs above their front doors and a sign by the road to show where customers can find them. During a rebrand is the perfect time to get that signage updated or commissioned! Updating your outdoor signage could be just what you need to make sure you’re making the right first impression.

Storefront Windows

Interior storefront window graphics giving directions to the office.

The next part of your business that a customer sees is your storefront. Depending on where your store is located, you may be limited on what you can do with your storefront windows (due to city regulations). However, the least you can do is switch out the old vinyl logo on your door to the new logo.

If you’re able to cover more of your window space, don’t be afraid to advertise your new branding with bold window graphics!

Interior Signage

USC Upstate's green dimensional logo in hallway with black and white images next to it.

Once you’ve brought your customer into your store, what are you doing to immerse them in your new branding? Interior signage can include your new logo glowing behind the reception desk, new directional signage with updated branding and maybe even new furniture to match your updated theme.

Again, the extent of your rebrand (and your budget) directs the extent of the changes you make. But it is good practice to replace any current branding you have.

Wall Coverings

Recipe book with a custom recipe printed in and ingredients surrounding it.

Wall murals and wallpapers are all about brand immersion. If you don’t have any wall graphics currently, now is a great time to immerse your patrons in your branding. Sometimes, a single accent wall mural is all you need to tie a room and brand together.

Out-of-Home Advertising

OOH advertising encompases all advertisements you might see while out and about. These ads are less intrusive but can be just as effective in drawing attention and growing sales.

Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle wraps receive tens of thousands of impressions a day. Make sure your wraps are showcasing your new branding! If your budget is running low, there’s nothing wrong with starting with simple door and tailgate decals to represent your business. You can always upgrade to full wraps later!


While vehicles are your mobile billboards, you still have your stationary billboards to consider. If you regularly run billboard ads, now is the time to advertise with your renewed branding efforts.

Temporary Signs

Temporary signs is an umbrella term for signage like yard signs, banjo frames, h-frames, banners and any other type of small, temporary, outdoor signage. If you regularly have new clients phone in from your signage throughout town, it might be good practice to update the branding on those signs.

Outdoor Banners

From “Now Open” banners to sponsor banners on a ball field, large format banners are a popular way to advertise your business while keeping your costs low. Banners can be hung from just about anywhere with the right equipment and are completely customizable.

Event Graphics

Businesses often update their event graphics as new events or marketing initiatives come around. Many event displays are designed in a way that users are able to switch out the graphic as needed. This gives you the flexibility to change out your graphics without ordering an entirely new display.

Tents & Table Throws

Tents are typically used only for outdoor events, but they do come in handy for shade or shelter. When designing these, make sure your logos are high enough on the peak to be seen.

Table throws, on the other hand, can be used anywhere, anytime. Your throw could take up permanent residency in your lobby. Or, you can pull it out of storage for your annual event’s sign in table. Table throws are a relatively inexpensive, yet effective way to showcase your branding.

Retractable Banner Stands

Roll-up banner stands are great for both events and office use. They’re sleek, professional looking and easy to transport. The best part? We can replace the graphic without ordering new hardware! Most of the time, retractable banner stands can be refitted with new, custom printed banners.

Custom Backdrops

Blue and white step-and-repeat fabric display for a local church.

Regardless of whether you use your backdrop as a step-and-repeat or custom display, a rebrand or change in the marketing message calls for a new backdrop design. Most fabric backdrops can be single or double sided – so maybe you design two sides for different events and use the same graphic for multiple events. Similar to the retractable, when you order a custom backdrop with us, we can replace the graphic without ordering a new frame.

Small Format Collateral

Small format collateral includes items like business cards, leave behinds, promo items and more. Since your business began, you’ve probably changed up your small format designs over the years as you focus on marketing different aspects of your business. For leave behinds and brochures, simply update the design on the next order. For items like business cards and company shirts, you may want to replace the current items in use.


Implementing a rebrand takes time, especially if operating on a tight budget. One of the best ways for you to keep your rebrand consistent over time is to create a digital folder to house your logos, colors, fonts and other brand elements. This folder also helps when multiple people take part in updating the branding. Make sure to include your vector files!

Though rebranding can be a tiresome task, the completed result is worth the effort. As you begin updating your large format graphics, SpeedPro Greenville is ready and waiting to help. We’ll walk you through design (if you don’t already have an updated one), take measurements, produce the graphics and coordinate the install.

And no project is too big! Whether you have three vehicles needing new wraps or three offices that need new interior graphics, we can handle it all. Reach out today for a consultation or quote!

An image of the Blue Ridge Electric Co-Op 4-wall timeline display.

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