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Seasonal Graphics

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Seasonal Graphics

What are Seasonal Graphics?

The changing seasons, holidays and regular annual events offer an endless array of opportunities to highlight your business and give customers a chance to buy themed items. Seasonal specials work no matter what business you’re in: retail, restaurants & bars, auto sales and even sport and activity venues can benefit from practical recognition of seasonal events.

Seasonal graphics include signage, handouts, window graphics and more tailored to the theme of the season or holiday. For instance, fall leaves, pumpkins and witches hats pop up more during fall months while flowers and rainclouds appear more during the warmer months. These graphics can also point to holidays such as July Fourth (fireworks), Happy Holliday wishes (text) and Valentine’s Day (hearts).

Most often, seasonal graphics are only meant to stay in circulation for a limited time – that’s what makes them special!

4 Tips for the Best Seasonal Graphics

Making a positive, enticing impression should be foremost on any business owner or marketer’s mind. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when designing graphics for your seasonal printed materials.

Keep Them Big

Your message needs to come across clearly and consicely from yards away. Customers should be able to see your design and accompanying text from the parking lot or down the street. Both your text and graphics probably need to be larger than you think, so design for a large format. For example, text on outdoor and window signage should end up being at least 8-12 inches in height.

Placement Is King

Where you put your signage—whether it’s a flag, banner, or wall sign—is just as important as what’s on it. Take a walk through your space before you select your signage formats. This allows you to get an idea of how your patrons might see and interact with your signs. Locate your materials so they are not blocked by shelving or open doors. You can also place signs at particular angles on walls and corners so the architecture naturally draws the eye to your messaging. Focus on keeping your signage in high-visibility spots with good lighting.

Color Wins

Bright, bold coloring is a powerful component of your design strategy for signage. Complementary colors or light lettering over darker colors will capture a customer’s attention quickly. Luckily, most holidays are already themed with strong color combinations: red/green/white for Christmas, orange/black for Halloween, etc.

Multi-Stage Signage

As soon as your customers walk through your doors, they begin a journey that hopefully leads to a satisfying purchase experience. You can use your seasonal graphics strategically to lead them through your store in a couple stages. First, they see signs with the largest text designs that inform them in a general manner (40% OFF BACK TO SCHOOL). Next, when they arrive at the right location for the sale items, you can include more signage in smaller formats to give more detailed information and help them make a decision.

Types of Seasonal Graphics

We offer a huge variety of large format printed options, ranging the whole gamut of signage types, materials, inks, colors, laminates and substrates. Typically, seasonal graphics are designed as temporary advertisements. We offer temporary graphic materials for windows, walls, vehicles and posters. Other seasonal signage such as flags, tents and banners can be reused annually.

Storefront and Outdoor Graphics

The first touchpoint your customers’ experience as they approach your business is your storefront display. Your front windows offer plenty of space to celebrate the season or advertise a promotion.

  • Window decals: Windows represent two opportunities for marketers. First, window graphics allow potential customers to get a quick view of your specials or seasonal/holiday spirit. Second, temporary window graphics provide a way for you to design custom-shaped, glossy, laminated decals to help draw customers in.
  • Flags: Most often found on roadsides, flags signify importance and most people’s gazes gravitate toward them. Our flags come in a variety of shapes, including feather and teardrop and include a wire and blackout fabric to help maintain the flag’s readability.
  • Banners: A highly portable, rollable option, banners give you tremendous flexibility in the size and placement of your message. Most often a laminated vinyl, baners are highly durable for outdoor use. You can hang your banner almost anywhere with the grommets we include around the banner edge.

Interior Graphics

After your outdoor signage draws customers in, your interior should relay the same atmosphere and message. Themed holiday and seasonal signage are hallmarks of the special times of year. Customers instinctively search out traditional visual cues. Take advantage of this by mixing and matching from a broad palette of possibilities to create eye-catching, memorable signage.

  • Wall murals & graphics: Walls are one of the best places for a large and eye-catching temporary vinyl graphics. Your temporary graphic can be anything you choose – from seasonal offerings to a great big seasonal mural.
  • Floor graphics: Floors are often some of the least-utilized space in many establishments. These are perfect spots to apply huge, colorful, anti-slip graphics that set the tone for the holiday.
  • Sign displays: Often, seasonal event notices and product promotions only need to last for a day or two. Vinyl mounted on top of rigid ultraboard or pvc works great for temporary signage. These signs can be placed on easels, hung from the ceiling or mounted directly to the wall with command strips.
  • Retractable banners: Banner stands are great for multi-use signage. All you have to do is bring the stand to us and we’ll fit your new seasonal graphic into your existing stand.

Event Graphics

You can celebrate the season and holidays even if you’re not at your brick-and-mortar. These graphics typically last longer since they can be stored until the next year or event.

  • Holiday event tents: Who can miss these huge, billowing structures? When covered in colorful designs and surrounded with other signage, banners and flags, event tents are an unbeatable way to generate enthusiasm among your visitors.
  • Fabric Displays: These special, oversized backdrops are superb marketing opportunities for your brand. Give guests a beautiful (or funny, or creepy!) background to take fun group photos for social media and include your logo, hashtags or QR codes as design elements.
  • Flags: Flags can be used and reused as long as you want. Our flags come in a variety of shapes, including feather and teardrop and include a wire and blackout fabric to help maintain the flag’s readability.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the variety of seasonal graphics, printed materials and even digital signage that SpeedPro delivers for your brand. Holidays and seasonal occasions are perhaps the best times to show your customers just how unique your brand’s personality can be.

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