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‘Tis The Season… For Holiday Graphics!

OCTOBER 29, 2021| kaylar

Marketing your business for the holidays presents a fun challenge. The holiday season is one of retail’s most profitable times of the year, and your store’s décor can have considerable impact on your company’s success. To combat the added expenses of the holidays, choosing compelling and cost-effective decorations for your store is essential.

Seasonal graphics both indoors and outdoors are a great way to promote holiday sales and seasonal specials. Custom exterior signage drives traffic to your store, and custom interior graphics keep your patrons engaged.

Why invest in seasonal graphics?

Good question! Yes, seasonal graphics cost just as much as any other graphic might, and they’re only temporary. So, you might be wondering what the benefit of investing in seasonal graphics might be.

1. Engage Clients and Increase Sales

An important goal in any business is to make sales. And how do we make sales? We engage our customers and keep them as happy as can be. One of the best ways to engage clients during the holiday season, is to align promotions, décor and atmosphere with the upcoming holiday.

  • Seasonal Promotions: Many businesses, whether retail or commercial, offer special holiday sales and promotions. A key way to ensure your patrons are aware of the deal is to advertise on your storefront windows and throughout the store, as well as online and by word of mouth. In-store graphics keep the attention of your customers, increasing the likelihood of new transactions. Special deals do wonders in engaging new and current customers to check out your business.
  • Seasonal Décor: Nothing gets people more in the holiday spirit than being immersed in a holiday cheer infused atmosphere. Décor can range anywhere from snowflakes on your windows to retractable banners in your lobby. Your seasonal décor isn’t limited to a sale or promotion; a simple “season’s greetings” will do!
  • Atmosphere: Many people associate certain smells with specific memories and places. Maybe your lobby is small enough to plug a seasonal scent into a wallflower or light a fire code sanctioned candle or two. Changing up your lighting and playing a little music can also create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

2. Increase Brand Loyalty

As an extension of your regular branding, seasonal in-store graphics help increase brand loyalty and express your brand’s values to your clientele positively and consistently. With custom seasonal graphics, you’re given complete control over the message and design of your project. Season’s greetings can be printed in your brand colors, your logo can appear in any image and your design will be unique to your brand. A dynamic appearance enables you to attract more traffic and conduct more business in your physical stores by piquing interest in your products and services.

Bringing Seasonal Visions to Life

Once you know why investing in custom seasonal graphics is a good idea, you may start thinking of where to put these graphics, and what types might be best for your business.

1. Storefront Window Graphics

One part of your business most seen by customers and potential customers, is your storefront. Even if a passerby doesn’t decide to enter your store, they’ve probably taken a look at your storefront and drawn a conclusion about your store.

Graphics of any type on your storefront help draw attention to your store. Seasonal window graphics can draw even more attention, as these graphics aren’t always centered around promotions and products, but rather decoration and season’s greetings. Creating an attractive, seasonal display right on your front door and windows draws attention and can add much-needed excitement throughout the holidays.

2. Wall & Floor Graphics

Continue the holiday décor theme from your storefront to your store interior! Imagine stepping into a lobby and suddenly entering a winter wonderland. Or maybe the standard logo on the wall now has some snowflakes around it. That holiday effect can be achieved with removable wall graphics and non-slip floor decals, as well as other non-printed seasonal decorations.

Even the ends of your shopping aisles offer prime holiday graphic real estate. If you don’t have a display set up already, why not use the space to showcase your brand?

3. Hanging Decorations

Hanging decorations can range anywhere from custom corrugated snowflakes hanging from the ceiling to banners displaying holidays sales. Adding that extra element of graphics to the ceiling adds one more point of interest for you customers to enjoy. Banners are great for displaying new promotions, directing traffic and wishing everyone a happy holiday. Get creative with your hanging decorations!

4. Standing Displays

Standing banner or fabric displays are another great way to decorate your business space. These can be easily moved and the graphics exchanged. They also store very well and are easy to care for. The best part is, you can keep the stand for a later event or promotion!

Strategies for Seasonal Graphics

A cool, custom graphic idea is good and all, but some strategy should be put toward the message and design before finalizing the project. You’ll want to come up with the right copy as well as the right artwork to achieve your goal for the signage.

The Message

If you chose to use words in your design, here’s some tips for keeping your message readable and effective.

  • Be concise – You don’t need 1,000 words to get your point across. Since you most likely won’t have the space for 1,000 words, make sure your content is concise. Most often, customers won’t stop to finish reading a long paragraph. Instead, limit your copy to something that clearly expresses the core of your message.
  • Answer questions – A good advertisement gives more answers than it creates questions. In creating your seasonal graphic, consider what questions your customers might have, and go ahead and answer them. This allows your customer to gather more information without needing to ask.
  • Talk to your customers – The center of attention for just about anyone, is themselves. So, take advantage of that and address your message directly to your clients! Using second person pronouns (you, your) redirects your message from being general, to talking directly to your customers.

The Design

Design plays a huge part in the success of your graphics. People react differently to well designed graphics consisting of a clear message and attractive graphics than they would a sign crowded with words and mismatched colors. First impressions are key.

  • Choose the right colors – Colors can be especially effective for holiday signage. For instance, red and green are typically associated with the Christmas season, while red, white and blue are associated with the Fourth of July. You aren’t limited to only holiday colors though; broader color pallets are also associated with the different seasons the holidays fall in as well.
  • Get creative with fonts – Fonts are similar to colors in that there are a plethora of options to choose from. Font styles are also associated with different themes, seasons and holidays. For instance:


  • Make sure your message is readable – It’s all good and well to play with fonts and colors, but make sure you don’t go too crazy and end up with a graphic that no one can read. Readability can be hindered by overcrowded art, too small a font, and poor image quality. Keep your message simple and attractive for the best results.

The Emotion

Emotion is a significant factor in marketing to your customers. When you want to move people to act, you need to communicate on a deeper level. Create striking seasonal graphics that infuse communication with visually compelling text and imagery so they stick in your customers’ minds. Don’t be afraid to play to the emotion of the specific holiday.

Ordering Custom Graphics Through SpeedPro

High-quality, customizable seasonal graphics can help you impress your clientele and make the most of your seasonal promotions. Our professional design team will help you maximize space throughout your store and impress your customers. In addition to swift delivery, reliable communication and a wide range of services, SpeedPro also offers state-of-the-art graphic display solutions, including digital and UV printing. When you need to revamp your store’s signage for the holidays, you can trust SpeedPro to provide dependable customer support and bring your store to life.

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