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Why Choose Out Of Home Advertising?

JUNE 20, 2022| kaylar


First of all, let’s define out-of-home advertising. Out-of-home (OOH) advertising encompasses everything we encounter in our travels beyond our home. Makes sense, right?

While we’re all overly familiar with the advertising we come across inside our homes (TV ads, internet banners and popups, smart phone advertisements, mailers, etc.), there is an entirely different side to the marketing coin. 


OOH advertising has been proven to work extremely well over the years. Behavioral and psychological factors drive much of this effectiveness. For instance, say a Jane Doe is heading to the store for groceries. Along the way, she passes a new tire shop with a banner promoting a “now open” sale and remembers it’s about time to get new tires. Although Jane wasn’t originally out looking for tires, she makes a note to call the new shop and check out their special. She probably wouldn’t have noticed the shop if she hadn’t seen the “now open” flags and the advertisement banner.

In other words, OOH advertising is on display for all to see and you never know who might need your services at that time or down the road. Even if someone doesn’t need your services now, they might remember your awesome looking add when they do need you. With OOH methods, your advertisements reach thousands a day without you having to go door to door.

Research also backs OOH advertising’s value. A 2018 study by Neilsen showed that OOH advertising is actually the most effective advertising mode at driving online search. Another study by Westmount shows that OOH ads produce the biggest ROI of any advertising form, averaging less than one and a half cents per impression. The Out-of-Home Advertising Association of America’s data shows that, among other impressive stats, nearly 60 percent of people who see an outdoor ad perform a web search (usually mobile) after seeing it. Out of those, a whopping 70 percent of people confirm that OOH ads actually influence their purchase. In addition, OOH advertising results in an astonishing 101 billion impressions every week in the United States alone!


Just about any marketing we come across as we interact with the outside world falls under the category of OOH advertising. Billboards are perhaps the most readily pictured example. Everyone can remember billboards they’ve seen over their years of driving through urban and rural settings. Billboards are everywhere, and the best ones are easy to see and understand while moving at highway speeds. Usually, these advertisements offer an eye-catching graphic with a simple call to action.

While billboards are excellent forms of OOH advertising, there are a hundred other types of OOH ads, and you’ve likely seen millions of examples in your lifetime. Some examples of out-of-home (OOH) advertising include:

With the right OOH advertisements in the right locations, you’ll achieve high ROI for your investment. Logically, the more who see your graphics and branding, the more who will remember you brand. Make sure your business gets know so when the time comes, Jane Doe knows who to call. Call SpeedPro today to start the out-of-home marketing conversation.

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