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Draw Customers to Your Business with Directional Signage

OCTOBER 13, 2022| deanc



In general, the purpose of all directional signage is to instruct guests where to go next. When choosing directional signage for your business, it’s important that it is clear and convenient for your guests to follow. In addition to helping your customers find their way, there are many other ways that directional signs can be used to benefit your business.


Types of Directional Signage

Indoor directional signage is generally used to help business visitors or employees to easily navigate the area. Whether they are looking for a bathroom, the office of a specific person, a lobby, exit, or other space, indoor directional signage will help your visitors find what they are looking for.

Signs used outdoors can provide your visitors with assistance in finding your business’s building, parking lot or entrance from the outside of the building. This can decrease the confusion for your customers finding your business and where to go.

These types of directional signage are a modern and innovative way to give visitors direction in the same way as traditional signage. Digital signage allows you to customize the look and message that the screen is displaying. Whether you add your logo or the colors off your brand, these messages can fit into your business seamlessly.


Directional Signage Can Benefit Your Business

Using directional signage both inside and outside your business can help draw attention to your business and get people interested in what you have to offer. In addition, they can also help those that are looking for your business, easily locate and determine where they need to go. Some ways that you can use directional signage to your benefit include:

  • An entrance sign at the driveway of your business
  • Parking signage in a shared parking lot
  • Welcome signs in the entry of your business
  • Directory Signage telling your customers where they can find a specific employee
  • Overhead signage pointing out specific area of your business, such as a bathroom

There are many other ways that directional signage can be utilized within your business to help visitors find their way. If you’re looking to add directional signage to your business, it’s best to evaluate the questions or comments that arise when visitors come to your business. This will provide you with some insight into how you can use directional signage that benefits your visitors.


Directional Signage for Event Navigation

If you’re hosting an event at your business or another location, directional signage can help your attendees navigate the event easily. You can use signs to direct your attendees toward a specific area, arrows on the ground for flow of traffic, or banners indicated what is happening in a designated area. There are many ways that directional signage could be used to enhance the organization of your event.


Why SpeedPro Irving?

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