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How Can a Wall Mural Affect Your Interior Design Concept?

MARCH 12, 2021| SpeedPro Irving



For many years the use of wall murals was the domain of interior residential decorators.

The purpose of using a wall mural in business was a new concept. In today’s world of subtle, but impacting communication, commercial businesses need to take a more serious look at how a wall mural affects your interior design.

In a world where visibility is often graphical and textual, wall murals speak a language all their own.

Know the Purpose for a Wall Mural

In addition to projecting the theme of the business, a wall mural can also be a morale booster for staff and employees as well as customers.

From a more aesthetic point of view, wall murals can cover a variety of structural eyesores, for example, walls that have been over papered and/or over painted. Walls in older buildings that have not aged well covered in wall murals hide a wide variety of flaws.

Choose a Wall Mural for Your Interior Design Concept

In states are rife with history customers are quickly attracted to wall murals whose commercial interior design concepts project local or state history.

Many banks, for example, prevail upon historical societies to allow the use of reproductions of historical photos and paintings specific to the town or city for use as wall murals. This has become one of the most popular types of murals for commercial interior design.

Certainly a state like Texas, so rich in history, is a historical treasure trove of commercial interior design concepts for wall murals and graphics.

One example is Irving TX. The history of Irving TX includes the famous short story author Washington Irving. For wall mural ideas for commercial businesses Irving TX in the 19th century was the site of a general store, churches and two cotton gins.

Wall murals can be whimsical representations or steeped in the specific business image. One very large international company chose a wall mural in collage style to increase employee morale. The collage mural contained a full spectrum of employees in different countries busy at work.

Send a Commercial Business Message

In addition to wall murals that depicts a product, business name or service, graphics add to the business message when your choice is in line with the public view. If it isn’t, use graphics and wall murals to convey a business message that arouses interest and proposes potential to the viewing public.

How a Wall Mural Affects Your Interior Design Concept

No matter what type of commercial business you own, there is a mural that will positively affect your interior design concept. Your interior design concept is a theme you carry out to make your brand and business more pleasing, attractive and visible.

Remember the most important part of your interior design concepts include:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Innovative location
  • Type and size of type
  • Style

Commercial business owners find well chosen wall mural themes affect the businesses image to customers and employees alike. These are also a good way to carry out the interior wall mural theme for all public business events.

A wall mural that is innovative and projects the desired interior design concept is one that is rarely forgotten by all who view it.

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