How to Make Your Trade Show Exhibit Stand Out

NOVEMBER 23, 2022| deanc



Trade shows are a great way to build brand awareness and gather new leads, but how do you entice people to visit your booth at these shows? There are many ways that you can make your booth stand out and draw people in.


Choose your colors wisely.

Too many colors can be overwhelming to those attending the event, and too few colors can present as boring. A good rule of thumb is to start with just three colors and follow the 60, 30, 10 rule of design. Your space should have your primary color applied to 60 percent of your space, the secondary applied to 30 percent of your space and the accent color to 10 percent of your space. Your primary color to unify the elements of your design while the secondary will add contrast and the accent will highlight specific elements. When you’re choosing your colors, be sure to consider your target audience, branding and how those colors symbolize your company.


Don’t be afraid to invest.

When you’re putting together your trade show exhibit, don’t be afraid to spend money on custom designs and products. High quality visuals and printing materials aren’t cheap, but they are worth spending money on to make your booth stand out. At SpeedPro Irving, our highly skilled designers will work with you to design custom graphics for your tradeshow exhibit. Although, they do come at a price, our designers will help you create one-of-a-kind graphics that are sure to help your company stand out and draw attention.


Have a consistent theme throughout your messaging.

Weather your messages are on banners, flyers, tablecloths or other products, the message that you are telling your visitors should be consistent. Sending too many messages to your visitors can confuse them and push them away. When developing your brand’s messaging, try to focus on what problem you solve, how you solve that problem better than your competitors, and what makes your company unique. All of your graphics and visuals should convey that message clearly and consistently.


Why SpeedPro Irving?

At SpeedPro, we have been helping small business owners develop graphics for their trade show exhibits for more than 20 years. Our talented designers will work with you to design the best graphics possible for your brand’s message, while still making sure that you have control of the overall product. If you need help with your tradeshow exhibit, call us at SpeedPro Irving today!

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