How Your Medical Practice Can Benefit from Custom Signage

DECEMBER 13, 2022| deanc



As a medical practice, your visitors are commonly stressed, anxious, or nervous about being in your office. Using signage to create a welcoming and calming environment can make your patients’ experiences memorable and less overwhelming.

Start the experience before they walk in.

Welcome your patients and visitors with an A-frame sign at the door. A simple welcome message with a QR code, photo, or your slogan, can help your patients feel better about their appointment. Because these types of frames provide the option for a double-sided design, they can also be used to tell your patients goodbye. A-frames are great investments, especially for a medical practice. You are free to change the design at any time, at a fraction of the cost, simply by changing the sign that fits in the frame. They are perfect for industries that are always revolving or changing, like the medical industry. You can also use posters or window graphics to give your patients an idea of what they can expect when walking into your practice.

Make your lobby comfortable.

When patients are waiting for their appointment, their nerves may become more intense. There are several ways that you can make the space more comfortable for them. A wall mural is an easy way to bring life into your office. Whether it’s a simple or complex design, it can make your lobby feel more welcoming. You can also add stand up banners, posters, brochures, and table tents to further educate your patients on your practice. The goal with these pieces in your lobby should be to help your patients feel more comfortable and ease their stress.

Keep your office easy to navigate.

Custom wayfinding signs are an easy way to help your patients navigate your office while adding pops of color. Navigation of a space is one of the most important factors for your visitors and can essentially make or break whether they come back. When you’re thinking about what directional signs to use in your office, start with bathrooms, exams rooms, and restricted areas. This will get you started to determine where your directional signs will be utilized.

At SpeedPro Irving, we can help you with custom signage solutions for your medical practice. From large format printing to small format printing, we have been helping our customers for more than 20 years. Our team can help you design, produce, and install your custom solutions. Call us today  to get started on your signage for your medical practice.

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