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JULY 22, 2019| SpeedPro Irving

Large Custom Hanging banners outside a convention center. 10x10 Logo Tent - Customized Canopy For Outdoor Events, Trade Show Or Flea Markets30" x 40" Side Walk Sign Features Water Base For Wind Resistance

No matter how large of small, outdoor event signage can be one of the most important elements to guide the attendees you want to draw to your space.  Here are some important things to do prior to your next outdoor event that will make managing your event much easier.


Planning an outdoor event can come with many challenges from weather to keeping track of all the moving parts. Visit the site where you plan to hold your outdoor event. Planning ahead will save lots of time and avoid errors later.  Choose the outdoor signage that works best for you.  Popup tents with inviting graphics and clear messaging, or wind flags to draw attention with bright colors can help to attract your new clients to you in a unique way.  Be prepared with a contingency plan in the event of bad weather and make sure to inform staff of contingency plans and resulting actions, as well as keeping them up to speed on changes or issues as they happen.


Take the time to plan ahead in case something should go wrong so that the operations of your event can remain relatively unaffected and expectations will still be met.  Know what is provided for you with your space rental and what is not.  Always have a plan B.  This can save your event in bad weather or when any unforeseen problems develop.


Any event will be a success if you take the time to plan ahead and put in the extra effort to help you stand out among the crowd.  Be creative, fun and ready!  Coordination, planning and clear communication will surely make your next outdoor event a true success and soar beyond all expectations.


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