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What Is a Trade Show Display?

JULY 12, 2021| SpeedPro Irving



Trade shows have played a major role in the launch and exposure of game-changing brands and products. Not only do trade shows and conventions attract industry experts and loyal consumers, journalists attend these events in search of new discoveries to write about. That’s why investing in trade show graphics can be a significant advancement for promoting your business.

Diversity of Trade Show Displays

A trade show display often takes the form of a table or booth at a convention with high-visibility signage. One of the most important points to know about trade show displays is that they can take many shapes and sizes and aren’t particularly bound by traditional marketing concepts. Here are some of the countless ideas for creating a display booth or other presence at a trade show:

– Customized backdrop walls featuring your brand’s imagery
– Large vinyl banner showcasing your logo
– Tabletop and board displays
– Portable kiosks or tents
– Digital display solutions
– Flags that make your brand appear authoritative

Creating giant wall murals is one of the most reliable ways to make a memorable impression at a trade show. These murals will likely stand out from other displays at the same event. Large wall murals or banners are useful at indoor or outdoor gatherings that attract thousands of people. For outdoor events consider large vinyl banners, which are durable and withstand environmental elements.

How to Gain Event Visibility

Using trade show graphics can be most effective after you’ve researched the event to get ideas on what types of vendors you’ll be competing against for attention. Remember that bigger can be better, but not always. The message and image are usually more important factors than the size of the sign. But there are still many advantages to having the biggest sign in the room, especially in a room with hundreds of displays.

Getting your display in front of the right people should be a top priority. One way to reach a target audience at a big event is to promote it on your website. Since it’s easy for attendees to mix up vendors at a trade show, make sure you give out business cards or other literature they can take home. This material will help attendees remember and connect with the visuals of your display they saw at the event. Items to consider giving away as freebies include window graphics, bumper stickers and decals.

Making contacts and communicating brand information to attendees, along with followup communication, are crucial steps for the appearance to be successful. The display should be simple so that it can be understood clearly from far away. Discussing your needs with an experienced graphics expert will help you create customized displays that are practical and meaningful for your business.

If you’re lucky someone from the press may be impressed with your presentation and ask to interview you. Local media outlets particularly have an interest in being the first in town to uncover a new invention or solution to a common consumer problem.


Trade shows are ideal events to promote entities such as schools, fitness centers, healthcare organizations and design firms. Large displays can make memorable impacts that introduce your brand to new followers. The best trade show displays communicate a theme and emotion. Contact our experts to learn more about how trade show graphics can raise your organization’s profile in your community.

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