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Backlit Graphics in Lenexa

Do you sometimes find it difficult to get your guests and customers to focus on the areas and information you’re attempting to promote? Maybe you have multiple signage pieces in one central location, or you have a large stand-out graphic that keeps getting overlooked. Are you hoping to find a display feature that attracts attention on its own, without the overload of banners and window graphics? If any of this sounds like you, it may be time to install some backlit graphics in your office.

Custom backlit graphics are panels installed over pop-up fixtures with LED lights illuminating the image from behind. These “lightboxes” shine light up through fabric overlays to create a dynamic display — one that shines a spotlight and encourages attention. Our team at SpeedPro Lenexa will work with you to create not just the design you need but also the proper pop-up display.

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How Are Backlit Graphics Displayed?

When setting up any illuminated feature, we start with a pop-up display fixture. Despite their durable nature and varying sizes, these frames are extremely lightweight, making for easy transportation between locations and for a manageable setup and teardown.

You can set up a pop-up anywhere, both inside and outside, as long as it’s positioned near a power source. The LED lighting must be plugged in to operate and illuminate, creating an eye-catching and focused center of attention.

The graphics we design are printed onto fabric overlays, which can be easily switched out and rearranged at your will. The light source shines through from the back of the fabric, emphasizing your design and encouraging everyone’s eyes to pass over your light display.

With fade-resistant inks supported by bright LED lights, your display will truly become the center of attention within the spotlight.

What Are the Best Uses for Backlit Graphics?

Backlit graphics can be customized for your interior office usage. Make sure customers see the most crucial or impressive information with a well-lit display. You can also use a backlit graphic display to promote special services or featured products that have become popular during recent months. Encourage guests to peruse these displays as they walk around your lobby or waiting area.

Another great opportunity to use backlit graphics is during trade shows. At a trade show, your goal is to represent your business through a branded display booth and backdrop. You’re also trying to separate your setup from the dozens or hundreds of other displays situated around you, creating the appearance you need to make yourself stand out. An illuminated display can instantly attract the attention of people passing by, especially in venues where you set up a tent that can create a shadow around your table.

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