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Fleet Wraps in Lexington

Not only is Lexington a bustling city of 300,000, but it’s also located near other major population centers like Louisville and Cincinnati. With the help of SpeedPro Lexington North, you can create vehicle fleet wraps that allow you to reach countless numbers of people.

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Why Vehicle Fleet Wraps?

With our experience and high-quality resources, we’ll create vibrant graphics that relay your images and messages with boldness and professionalism.

While custom fleet wraps can represent a significant upfront investment, it’s one that can easily pay itself off over the long-term. Vehicle wraps actually have the lowest cost per 1,000 impressions of any other marketing medium. At just $0.70, you’ll be largely outpacing primetime television spots ($20.54) and quarter-page newspaper ads ($11.66).

Speaking of impressions, a single wrap can generate up to 70,000 of them in a single day. Multiply that by the number of vehicles you maintain, and you’re looking at a revolutionary move for your marketing strategy.

As a whole, the nation’s vehicle wrapping industry is expected to nearly double in revenue between 2016 and 2022, which means that now is an excellent time to capitalize on the move.

Choosing Full or Partial Fleet Wraps to Fit Your Needs

Ultimately, your satisfaction is our top goal. We’ll take your needs and specifications into account to create unique solutions that fulfill your vision to the fullest extent. First, we’ll host you for a consultation session to break the ice and learn more about your situation. From there, we can dig into our product catalog together to find the premium options for you.

You can start by selecting from full and partial fleet wraps. The former provides the ultimate three-dimensional billboard experience, as we can coat your cars, trucks and vans from bumper to bumper. You’ll have no trouble reaching drivers from all angles. Partial fleet wraps can create a similarly strong ROI while cutting down on costs. They generally cover one side or one particular area of a vehicle.

We also offer spot decals and lettering in case you’re looking for a more subdued approach.

We can create a customized phone number or online landing page to emblazon on any graphics you can commission, which will allow you to track the number of leads that particular wrap generates.

Finalizing the design phase gives way to installation, which will be planned closely in conjunction with you so that we can meet any proposed timeline as quickly and efficiently as possible. You’ll need to have your vehicles properly cleaned to remove any residue that might interfere with the process. Once that’s done, we can get right to work!

Your Printing Partner for Custom Fleet Wraps in Lexington

Contact us right away for a consultation arrangement! You can also visit our studio, which is located on Nandino Boulevard, just off of Georgetown Road in Lexington.

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