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Custom Business Wall Murals in Long Beach

Look around and, from the viewpoint of a customer, inspect your office area. Are there any bare spots that could easily support some kind of graphic? Do you feel ill at ease, like you can’t fully connect to the environment or culture presented in the office? Is there a weird mood balance coming from employees and coworkers?

The good news is that these issues have an easy fix. SpeedPro Long Beach can help you change the atmosphere of your office building with the installation of a large format wall mural. Just one piece can reshape it all!

Our studio lends services to businesses located in and around the areas of Long Beach, Lakewood and Cerritos. Reach out to us to begin designing your new look — don’t delay!

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Why Printed Wall Murals Are Perfect For Your Space?

Vivid, fade-resistant colored inks ensure your printed wall murals become the center of attention for everyone to notice and observe.

Use Custom Wall Murals to Promote Your Brand

With the installation of a printed wall mural, your office will clearly emphasize your brand for all to see. You might choose one wall to cover with a large format wall mural or select a few smaller pieces to create a collaged look. During our consultation phase, there are two questions we’ll be asking at the start. One is who your wall mural will be directed toward or presented for. The second is where you want to place the wall mural for your business to generate the most impact.

For instance, maybe you’ve noticed that your lobby area is always full and that there’s usually chatter radiating from the front of the building. But at the end of the day, you’re still not meeting your sales quota. What’s the disconnect? For some, it might be that customers don’t feel comfortable or like they have any connection once they’re inside your building. A printed wall mural presented where they first walk in can help alleviate that gap, giving them a glimpse into your company and presenting ideals that urge unity and progress.

Use Wall Murals to Connect With Customers & Employees

Placing a printed wall mural in your lobby can do more than just create an atmosphere pertinent to the customer. You can also use these murals as a way to promote products or services you’re offering. This process can also help shape the focus of your office and allow your visuals to do the talking for you!

In addition, you can connect with your team of employees by installing a vinyl wall mural in a common workplace, such as a conference room or break room. Sometimes, employees feel a lack of motivation and don’t see the direct result of their hard work. Showing them what their success looks like in a large format wall mural that they come into contact with every day will help drive home that message. Print your company’s mission statement on a vinyl wall mural in your conference room to really grab attention and direct the focus of your coworkers.

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Adding a decorative piece to your office not only enhances the look of your space but also increases your business success. Call us today to schedule a consultation and begin your next project!

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