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Vehicle Wraps in Miami, FL

Are you ready to promote your business in a new, modern, fun way that’s better than typical advertising? Have you been wanting to expand your audience and get beyond the community that surrounds your office building? If these sound like your interests, SpeedPro Miami might be the perfect match for your next marketing investment. Vehicle advertising gives you the freedom to extend your brand outside your business office or building, giving you the full visibility you’ve been searching for. Now, you won’t have to worry about missing out on company time as you leave for work at the end of the day! Custom vehicle wraps are a thorough and effective process for branding. If your business or organization is located in the city of Miramar or the surrounding areas in Miami, reach out to our studio today! We’d love to pair your business with some bold and branded visuals.

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Choose Your Vehicle Advertising Coverage Level

At SpeedPro Miami, our goal is to deliver and share your brand with as many people as possible. We dedicate our time and efforts to emphasize your business through thoroughly crafted designs, capturing attention from everyone with our bold graphics and vivid inks. You won’t just get people looking at your vehicle — you’ll see people giving second and third glances to fully explore your designs!

Custom vehicle wraps ensure you receive maximum exposure with your brand, receiving countless impressions in a short amount of time.

SpeedPro Miami provides a few types of coverage to maximize your brand’s visibility:

  • Fleet wraps
  • Full vehicle wraps
  • Partial vehicle wraps

Vinyl Car, Truck & Van Wraps

Fleet wraps are specifically designed for large trucking companies and van delivery services — businesses that spend a large portion of their day on the road with multiple vehicles to do the job. The goal is for all members of your fleet crew to be branded identically, giving your brand the visibility you’ve been wanting. The next time you’re sent out and about to deliver something miles away, watch as your brand reaches a community far away from your home — a larger audience than what you might be used to.

Individuals with standard trucks and cars have two coverage options. Full and partial wraps have the same designing and printing process, but the result is different — you get to choose the amount of coverage your vehicle receives. Full vehicle wraps cover all parts of your car, such as the hood, roof, side doors, windows and back bumper. Partial vehicle wraps cover specific areas of your vehicle, such as only the windows and front hood — it’s your choice!

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Our team is ready to help you choose the coverage best for your branding needs. Call us today if you have any questions or want to schedule an upcoming consultation to begin the design process!

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