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So much detail and attention goes into planning and executing an event smoothly. You have to imagine beyond your main “act” or presentation and think like a customer or attendee. What will they see, what will attract their attention and what will they remember?

Luckily, at SpeedPro Mile High, we’ve been doing this thinking to help you make the right decisions. We know how to draw in curious attendees, and we’re aware of what’s needed to energize an atmosphere. We know a lot of the details that need extra attention, but we also need you!

Our team will design and print custom event graphics for your upcoming corporate event. If your business or organization is located in Denver Metro or around the Colorado Front Range, reach out to us! We’ll dive all in for your next big project.

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Stylish Event Graphic Designs

The first step in helping you design and organize your event is in the consultation phase. We’ll sit down with you one-on-one to discuss what your business is, what your event will be supporting and how we can best visually represent your brand. Maybe you want to focus on specific products from your company or emphasize a particular atmosphere or theme. Between our design team and our marketing team, plenty of ideas will be tossed around for you to have the final say about!

To create a successful corporate event, we’ll need to strongly emphasize the appearance of stunning and well-branded custom graphic designs.

Popular Event Graphics Options

At SpeedPro Mile High, we offer a large number of corporate event graphics. Choose a few, or get them all, including:

Wayfinding Signage and Banners

Directional signage is an absolute must for a corporate event. Bring guests into your venue and show them around. Allow them to navigate and see all that you have to offer, from presentations to specialized rooms to various floors. This plan is also the best way to ensure guests enter happy — for instance, directional signage can navigate drivers through a parking lot safely and without frustration.

Banners also offer an incredible way to guide attendees around. You can use our vividly vibrant banners to attract attention and lead your guests to look up and around, seeing all that you have to offer. Banners can also be used to invite people inside or give information about what lies ahead. Put a few retractable banner stands outside the doors to give people a slight taste for what the afternoon or night holds!

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Corporate events should be professional while balancing with fun and entertaining aspects. Call our studio and schedule a consultation today, and we’ll be more than ready to assist you in creating an event you won’t forget!

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