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Custom Vehicle Wraps in Norfolk, VA

Have you been struggling to promote your business in your office? Maybe cold calls haven’t been successful, and your signage in town hasn’t pulled in extra customers. There’s a way to grow your business and increase your visibility that can reach a larger audience, and SpeedPro is ready to help you get started. Vehicle advertising is the best way to take your business and brand out onto the road — and out of the office.

Custom vehicle wraps allow you to increase the number of impressions from your brand at a fraction of the cost of typical marketing methods — and your wraps can be as temporary or as permanent as you need.

If your business or organization is based out of Norfolk, Virginia Beach or Chesapeake, our studio is ready to complete your mobile customizations!

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Custom Vehicle Wrap Options

After we set up an appointment, SpeedPro Norfolk will have a lengthy discussion with your business to determine your branding needs. This step will allow us to figure out what type of wrap you’ll want mixed with the proper adhesive. Our studio offers the following wrap options:

  • Fleet wrap
  • Full vehicle wrap
  • Partial vehicle wrap
  • Spot graphics

Vehicle Fleet Wraps

Fleet wraps are great for trucking and van companies. This type of wrap ensures all of your vehicles in a fleet or group are identical, creating a bold impression as they travel down a highway together. You can advertise your company’s name, slogan, contact information and image, among other choices. The possibilities here are endless, but the impact remains the same, so travel with your group in style!

Full Vs. Partial Vehicle Wraps

Standard trucks, SUVs and cars are more likely to brand their vehicles in full or partial wraps. The process for both coverages is the same — the difference lies in how much of your vehicle gets covered. A full wrap will cover your hood, roof, back, windows and side doors. Partial wraps can cover a portion of these, such as only windows or just your side and back doors.

The choice between these two coverages depends on your particular branding needs. For example, businesses who have no other form of business promotion or advertising may choose a full wrap to truly emphasize their brand and get their name out. On the other hand, a partial wrap might be what you need if you already have an established following and are just looking for an extra form of advertising.

Spot Graphics

Spot graphics are not full wraps — instead, they’re singular images plastered to the sides or hood of your car. A logo would be perfectly represented in a spot graphic, just as your company’s name would be. These graphics are processed similarly to our wraps in that we print onto vinyl, which then gets paired with adhesives varying in strength, depending on how long you want your image to last.

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If you want to mobilize your advertising, contact our studio today about custom vehicle wraps. We’ll consult with you to print your visual solution in a quick turnaround time. Let’s begin today!

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