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Floor Graphics in North Palm Beach, FL

Decorating and personalizing your work area to promote your brand is an essential aspect of your business. It’s important to keep your customers surrounded by elements that reflect your company’s values and goals while also creating an environment that’s welcoming and inspiring. While banners, windows and walls are certainly areas to cover to create a specific atmosphere, you can also customize a space that everyone who walks through your workspace is familiar with — the floor.

Floor graphics printing allows you to cover your floor with clings, graphics and vinyl lettering to uniquely brand your area. At SpeedPro North Palm Beach, you’ll find fade-resistant inks that portray a wide array of vivid colors. Our team’s experience in design and marketing will ensure your graphics are used to promote and enhance your brand in the best ways possible, sitting in the center of attention without being in the way.

Companies and organizations looking for new ways to visually promote themselves in the areas surrounding Treasure Coast, Jupiter and North Palm Beach can visit our studio to see firsthand what custom floor graphics can do.

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How Do You Protect Vinyl Floor Graphics?

Like many of the dynamic features available at SpeedPro, our floor graphics are also printed onto vinyl, creating a bold display made to be durable. Paired with bright colors, your images won’t feel swept away despite being below eye-level.

To help protect the lifespan and beauty of your vinyl graphics, SpeedPro North Palm Beach offers a variety of laminates to finish the look of your decal or cling. You can choose from options such as:

  • Clear coat
  • Gloss
  • Luster
  • Matte
  • Textured

While many laminates have additional finishing effects, a simple clear coat can double the lifespan of your floor graphic.

If you’re using floor graphics in an area that’s commonly and repeatedly walked on, such as an entranceway or an outdoor track, it’s a good idea to cover them with a lamination intended to protect. Anti-skid laminates can reduce any slippery effects that might be caused by a gloss or satin finish. You can also add an anti-graffiti laminate that will lessen any skid marks or stray streaks often caused by shoes and paint.

What Is the Process to Apply and Remove Custom Floor Clings?

No matter what type of surface you’re planning on applying your floor cling to, you’ll find that the process is the same each time. There’s a particular technical approach to applying clings and decals to your floor to reduce the air bubbles or ripples that might get trapped underneath.

Peel away one corner of the image and place it onto the surface. As you slowly remove the rest of the paper backing, use a squeegee or hard edge to adhere and smooth out the image. Start in the center of the graphic and move outwards, making sure to crisscross and overlap your strokes.

There is a trick to removing the cling as well, and the routine is just as simple. Diagonally, from one corner, peel the cling off of your ground surface, making sure to keep the paper backing peeled at a high angle. This angle will ensure no sticky residue gets left behind after removal.

Take Advantage of Reliable Floor Graphics Printing in Stuart

When you’re ready to add some extra color and detail to your workspace, contact SpeedPro North Palm Beach for more information on floor graphics printing. We’ll set up a consultation appointment to go over further details about your branding needs.

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