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Vinyl Wall Murals in NYC, New York & Mt. Vernon

The materials and sizing of your murals are totally customizable to benefit your needs. The printing equipment we use ensures your images will be vivid, crisp and clear.

Our large wall murals will tell a story, evoke a feeling or emphasize the brand and culture of your business.

If your business is located in or around the New York City and Westchester areas, contact our studio today. We’ll work directly with you to identify your business needs and determine how we can convey your brand onto a printed wall mural. Start your new graphics journey today!

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Setting the Scene

You may think wall murals are just designs placed onto walls, but their purpose is much deeper. When was the last time you were in a dental office? Aren’t their walls usually decorated in beach or tropical scenery? Or how about a doctor’s office, with flowers and fields painted onto murals and frames?

Creating a calming atmosphere is important to these two businesses. While their services focus on healthcare and dental care, they know creating an environment for customers and clients to feel comfortable in is crucial.

So, what is important to you and your business? Is it portraying an atmosphere of calm and relaxation? Are you trying to excite and awaken? Or do you want to immerse your customers in the experience of your product? The choice is yours — our team at SpeedPro NYC- Mt. Vernon is here to walk you through the process.


Benefits Of Vinyl Wall Material

Vinyl wall murals and vinyl wall coverings are extremely beneficial due to their versatility, appearance and durability. Getting a vinyl wall sign or mural is not something you will be doing on a monthly basis. Adding a vinyl piece to your business, school or personal home will add a dynamic and effective design element that will last.

Getting a vinyl wallcovering will add to the integrity and design of any space.

Our Wall Murals for Businesses

At SpeedPro, we like to offer businesses the best material and quality. Our permanent wall murals are made from vinyl to ensure durability and longevity. Most of our vinyl wall murals end up at a width of up to 60 inches, ensuring your wall will be the center of attention to showcase your brand and message.

You have the option of a paper, smooth or slightly textured type of vinyl. This decision all depends on how you want the mural to look and how professional you want the design to appear. We also provide finishes in paper, matte or satin, which determines the shine and reflection that could occur with light.

Our printed wall murals can be giant landscape scenes or a collage of elements specific to your brand. No matter what image you have in mind, we can work together to create a visual solution that represents your business and customers.

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If you would like to dress up the interior of your office or building space with a bold, crisp and vivid wall mural, contact us today! SpeedPro NYC-Mt. Vernon is ready to consult with you and create the atmosphere and setting your business needs.

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