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Vehicle Wraps in Kirkland, Washington

Spread your brand recognition through Washington’s most populated area quickly and efficiently with the use of vehicle advertising.

SpeedPro Kirkland is up to any task you bring to us, as we’ll use top-tier resources and printing technology to provide custom vehicle wraps that fit practically any car, truck, van or boat. We serve businesses throughout the entire Seattle metro area, including Bellevue, Redmond and Bothell, so make yours the next!

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Some popular options for vehicles include single vehicle wraps, fleet wraps, trailer wraps, and vehicle decals. If you’re looking for another type of vehicle graphic, request a consultation so that we can discuss our full range of options.


Cars, SUVs, and standard trucks all have the option between full and partial-coverage vehicle wraps. Both are designed and printed in the same way with the only difference being how much of the vehicle is covered. With partial wraps, you’re able to select what gets covered such as side doors, front hood, back bumper, etc.


Branding an entire fleet for your company? SpeedPro has the experience and capability to produce consistent and effective wraps so that your fleet remains uniform. The outcome allows for a stunning display of consistency and improved visibility for your fleet.


Trailers are great for creating a mobile advertising solution. When they’re not in use, they’ll act as a billboard and have the capability of generating many impressions. They’ll also improve your credibility and branding when clients associate the trailer with you and the company.


Decals are a great option if you’re keeping your vehicle uncovered and can be placed on the vehicle’s windows or main body. Even a decal can be effective in conveying a brand’s message.

Vehicle Advertising to Up Your Marketing Game

Vehicle wraps have drastically surged in popularity, as they’re colorful, unique and affordable for businesses seeking creative marketing options.

Research has shown that a single wrap can generate between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions in one day. That can average out to roughly 8.4 million views over a 12-month period. Your impressions are likely to stick, too, as 97 percent of drivers report that they’re more likely to remember products and services that are displayed through vehicle advertising.

It all comes as part of an unbeatable ROI. The price per 1,000 impressions is a mere $0.70, which is lower than other popular advertising mediums like prime time television spots ($20.54) and newspapers ($11.66).

Find the Best Fit for You From Partial and Full Vehicle Wrap Selections in Kirkland, Washington

From the very start, we’ll consult with you closely to learn the details of your project and what you’re hoping to accomplish. Once we know what we’re dealing with, we’ll then walk you through our product catalog. You can choose from full vehicle wraps or partial ones. While it may feel simple, we offer a wide degree of materials, inks and laminates to suit any situation.

No matter what you choose, your wrap should stand the test of time and the elements and remain vibrant for years thanks to the materials we receive from top manufacturers.

With the design and material choices squared away, we can use our predicative software to create a digital rendering of your prospective wrap. With all the templates that our software contains, we should have no problem displaying it as it would appear in real life, which offers you the opportunity to give us feedback. We can easily make any alterations from there!

While we prepare for printing, you’ll need to have your vehicle cleaned to remove any residue that might interfere with the process. Once that’s done, you can drop it off, and we’ll get right to work!

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We work to serve you, but it doesn’t stop there. We also work to serve our community by donating one percent of all our revenue to organizations like Not Abandoned and the Eastside Academy.

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