Cubicle and Sneeze Guards for Social Distancing


Cubicles today are designed to promote an open environment. However, as businesses get ready to leave the work from home environment and return to the office, steps need to be taken to maintain social distancing to prevent the spread of disease through the office.

Cubicle guards provide a clear extension of the cubicle wall that still allows conversation across cubicles and sight lines while preventing the spread of germs. They are made from clear acrylic and mounted on top of the cubicle panel frame.

We have various mounting schemes including a lower bracket using Very High Bond Tape to attach to the top panel, avoiding the need to drill holes.

We also have solutions for conference and lunch rooms.


Freestanding portable acrylic guards are now available. These are also perfect for restaurant greeters, retail and nail salons. Available in 2 sizes;

  • 24″ w x 24″ h
  • 32″ w x 24″ h
  • With our without opening for cash or hand pass through.


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Consider the benefit to your business with clear acrylic guards to help prevent the spread of disease.

  • Help employees feel more comfortable about being back in the office after a long spout of quarantine.
  • Protect your valuable employees
  • Protect your business from a significant impact to your business if the disease starts to spread in your workplace

Acrylic Cubicle or other workspace guards are a valuable part of an overall plan to get back to the office.

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