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Fleet Wraps in Richardson

Large trucks with loaded hauls are a common sight on highways and busy roads. Sometimes, you’ll see one pass by with simply a name of a company slapped across the back doors. Other times, you’ll find yourself giving a second or third look as they roll by. That’s because these trucks are boldly emphasizing their business or company with the help of large graphics and vivid inks. These designs are visuals that will stick with you as you drive, much more than the simple block-lettering of a company whose name you already forget.

At SpeedPro Richardson, we create custom fleet wraps that will help your business create the above effect on those driving down the road. Whether you’re looking to fully design your entire truck or highlight just key areas, our team has the skills and tools needed to give more visibility to your brand.

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Custom Fleet Wraps for Your Vehicles

Large shipping and transportation trucks already have quite the dominating presence while running their errands and deliveries. Their noise and stature can bring an intimidation factor to the smaller cars surrounded in traffic. With all of that power and focus on your trucks, why not play up their exterior design to create more drama?

Sending out your company’s fleet designed with the same branded look will provide the visibility and recognition your business needs.

Durable Vinyl Fleet Wraps

At SpeedPro, we focus on the durability of our designs thanks to vinyl. With two featured vinyl types, we can make sure we give you the design you’re looking for the best display your brand. Cast vinyl is a thin material that provides a lengthy stay. Because of its thin quality, it makes for an ideal material to roll around side panels, brilliantly displaying our fade-resistant inks. Calendar vinyl is a thicker material that can be used for wrapping around those hard and durable corners and exposed bolts without tearing.

Coverage Options

You may think deciding on coverage is a daunting challenge, but our team at SpeedPro Richardson is more than ready to assist! In our consultation meeting, we’ll discuss your business and branding needs, including what other forms of promotion and marketing you’re invested in. Knowing this information will allow us to decide between a full fleet wrap or a partial fleet wrap.

A full fleet wrap gives your truck or van the most coverage. You can cover the hood, side paneling and back doors of your truck with the design of your choosing. No matter which angle a driver is at, they’ll be able to identify your brand. Partial fleet wraps designate particular areas to wrap and design. For your truck, you may choose to cover only the side panels, whereas on a van, you might want just your windows covered. If you’re looking to get the most impressions and referrals out of your fleet wrap, you’ll want to opt for a full wrap.

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