Contour Cut Signage

Contour <span>Cut Signage</span>

Contour Cut Signage in Richmond

Have you seen banners and signs cut into cool shapes? Do you want your signs to be shaped like stars or peace signs or flowers? The required process, known as contour cutting, uses relatively new technology, and SpeedPro Richmond West is proud to be able to share it with you.

With our vinyl graphics, we can assure a durable, long-lasting printed result. Even with a customized cut, your creative sign can be displayed for months or years, depending on your branding needs. If you’re looking to bring some uniquely cut signage to your business, reach out to our studio. We’ll show you just how smoothly and quickly we can prepare your crafty designs.

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What Exactly Is Contour Cutting?

The most popular form or shape for a banner or sign to be printed in is a rectangle. With contour cutting as a form of post-production, the sign is then cut into another shape that fits the particular request — whether that’s a triangle, circle or customized cut.

With our brand new digital cutters, we can make this series of steps an all-in-one process. Updated technology allows us to print and cut a design into a specific shape with the use of a digital knife. Performing these actions all together as one process takes out the extra time of cutting a shape by hand or moving to another machine and manually making the cut.

Contour cutting can create a more efficient and exact shape — specified by you — to more attractively catch someone’s attention.

What Signage Can I Create With Contour Cutting?

The possibilities are seemingly endless with this new contour cut technology! Our team will discuss with you during our consultation phase what all of your options are for getting a piece of signage that has been customized and contour cut.

Some of the more popular options for contour cut signage include:

  • Directional signage
  • Floor decals
  • Window graphics

With directional signage, you can now request arrow-shaped designs, which will take a much lower amount of time to print and finish. We will digitally design your shape, set it up within the machine and allow the equipment to print the design like normal. Then, the rotating knives will follow the outline that was digitally plugged in to perfectly craft the arrow size and shape you request!

Floor decals can become much more effective attention grabbers when they’re contour cut. You’ll no longer need a circle on your floor that may be overlooked. You can creatively brand your design by creating more angles or rounded edges than before to draw the eye to your marketing materials.

Window graphics, especially in the form of window clings, can be produced the same way. No more square and rectangle shapes aligning perfectly on your windows. You can draw in people’s attention as they walk by, not just with vivid colors and inks but also with your creatively shaped graphic.

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Whether you want to update all of your branded graphics or just a few pieces, SpeedPro Richmond West can assist. Our team will discuss your branding needs to determine what elements you need to effectively promote your brand. Give us a call today so that we can set up a consultation to begin it all!

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