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SpeedPro St. Petersburg Employee Spotlight – Meet Production Manager David Lopez!

AUGUST 26, 2019| SpeedPro Saint Petersburg



It’s no secret that we at SpeedPro St. Petersburg take great pride in the creative work we do and in our amazing staff. The amount of talent, ambition, passion and dedication each of our artists demonstrate is truly what allows us to go above and beyond for each of our customers. And it’s a big reason the environment in which we work is one that not only invites imagination and creativity but fun as well. 

Understanding this, one of the members of the SpeedPro St. Petersburg team who exemplifies all of these qualities is David Lopez. David has been with SpeedPro St. Petersburg since February of 2019, and he oversees production, installation, and so much more. His talents are highly valued not only by each of us but by our customers as well. Because of this, we wanted to share some insights about David to highlight his passion and commitment that he consistently brings to SpeedPro St. Petersburg.  

A History Enriched Through Study and Experience

Though David has many natural talents when it comes to graphics and design, he has also invested significantly in advancing his skills. As a graduate of the Ringling College of Art, David further enhanced his abilities at one of the nation’s top art schools. At the same time, David invests constantly in advancing his creative talents even when he is not at SpeedPro St. Petersburg. From incredible murals to all sorts of visual art, David is always creating. 

In addition to his formal training, David has also enjoyed some pretty amazing experiences that have furthered his talents. Specifically, he was the creative director at 4D Interactive, which designed computer-based training programs. In fact, one of the most impressive projects he helped design and employ was one that trained the Saudi Royal Air Force. Traveling to Riyadh to review the project was one of his most favorite and rewarding experiences.

A Philosophy of Personal and Professional Growth

At SpeedPro St. Petersburg, we offer an array of high-quality graphic St. Petersburg that ranges from murals, to vehicle wraps, to large vinyl St. Petersburg designs. And David Lopez oversees it all! His commitment to quality and customer service is entrenched as part of his professional nature. Likewise, he is invested in not only raising the bar for himself but for everyone else around him. As a result, the positive impacts that David has had on the entire SpeedPro St. Petersburg culture has been impressive. 

Of course, David’s passion for creating art and for personal growth extends outside of his professional commitments at SpeedPro St. Petersburg. He loves going beyond the canvas and experimenting with all types of art. With a focus on realizing his greatest potential, David perceives art and creativity as a medium that enhances one’s growth. And his pursuit of excellence through his art allows him to constantly adapt and evolve in all of his endeavors.

Certainly, the pursuit of creative expression plays a major role in David’s life. But at the same time, so does community and family. His daughter is the most important person in his life, and he values the moments he spends with her immensely. Likewise, he participates in a variety of community events, including artistic ones, throughout the Tampa Bay area. In addition to the beautiful beaches, these are the reasons that David loves calling the Tampa Bay area his home. 

The Bigger, The Better!

If there is one thing that we truly specialize in at SpeedPro St. Petersburg, it is large, high-quality graphics. We enjoy the challenge of designing and creating St. Petersburg that will “wow” everyone who sees it. With David Lopez overseeing such projects, you can be assured the challenge will not only be met but expectations are likely to be exceeded. In fact, David seems to thrive the most when things seem the most challenging. He loves to rise to the occasion!

No matter what projects you have in mind, we would love to help you make them a reality. At SpeedPro St. Petersburg, we are passionate about two things…quality and customer service. With team members like David Lopez, pursuing these passions comes as second nature to us. And it’s a reason why so many of our new customers are referred by existing clients. Come see us today and let us impress you as well!  

We love to say magic happens here because at SpeedPro St. Petersburg, We Print Imagination!


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