How Can I Implement Interactive Trade Show Booth Ideas?

AUGUST 15, 2018| SpeedPro Santa Rosa



AUGUST 15, 2018|
In a convention hall filled with hundreds of trade show booths, it can be difficult to make an impression. But, standing out from the crowd will not only attract visitors to your booth and close deals, it will also play a role in broader brand awareness and recognition.
From virtual reality demonstrations to extravagant giveaways, some brands will stop at nothing to drive traffic to their booth. While there’s nothing wrong with these tactics, there are many different – more affordable – options you can use to make your trade show booth interactive, engaging and popular.
Here are some ways to do that:
Invest in Great Graphics
Never underestimate the power of great signage. Whether we know it or not, we’re all attracted to great design. And at trade shows and conventions, it’s easy for everything to blend together visually, so be sure to make a big impact with your signs and branding.
By using large-scale graphics with eye-catching colors and designs, you’ll automatically make your booth stand out. Don’t limit yourself and your signage to your booth’s backdrop, however. From table wraps to floor graphics and free-standing posters, you can make your booth seem much more like an immersive experience than a mere two-dimensional, boring trade show exhibit.
While a long table running along the front of the booth keeps people at a distance, creating an open space with dispersed graphics invites people in. Integrated tablet stands and kiosks are a great functional alternative to obstructive tables, and personalized point-of-purchase displays are an effective way to present information without cutting off traffic flow. Not only will this maximize your space and help you get the most for your money branding-wise, it will also make your booth seem much more approachable, engaging and fun.
Create a Photo Op
Creating a photo opportunity for booth visitors is one of the best – and cost-effective – ways to make your booth interactive. Brainstorm ideas with your team for creative designs that would entice trade show attendees to stop by for a picture. Retractable banners are a convenient, portable and long-lasting option for an effective photo backdrop. You can also bring along fun props and hand-held signs to add some extra interest to the photo op.
Make sure to incorporate your logo and business information in a photo backdrop or picture frame, and encourage your visitors to share their photo on social media. You can offer a raffle entry or small prize for uploading their picture and tagging your business. This will generate additional exposure for your brand on social media, giving you the most bang for your marketing buck.
Try Out Interactive Games and Raffles
Photo booths and backdrops are a great incentive to bring visitors to your booth, but interactive games, activities and demonstrations will keep them there. Not only does it provide visitors with a way to interact with your brand, it also makes your business memorable.
A simple trivia game based on your industry, business or product is a great way to engage visitors. It also initiates conversation and provides you an easy transition to start talking about your product or service in an organic way.
Raffles are another tried-and-true trade show marketing tactic. Offer a big-ticket item as the grand prize – even something as simple as a themed gift basket or iPad is enough to draw in visitors. To incentivize participation, you can offer product or service discounts for everyone who enters. Special offers designed just for trade show attendees is a great way to engage your visitors and close deals that day. These promotions generate excitement and encourage people to invest in your product on the spot, rather than having to follow up with them later.
You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive giveaways to make a splash at a trade show. But since these shows are such a significant time and financial commitment, it’s only natural you’ll want to get the most for your money. By investing in a great display and creating an interactive experience for guests, you can make sure your display is generating positive awareness for your brand, while attracting leads to your booth and prompting sales.
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