Table Coverings and Table Toppers

Table Coverings and Table <span>Toppers</span>

Table Coverings and Table Toppers in Santa Rosa

Setting up for any event takes a lot of work and many display features. A meal, a trade show, an interactive work event — all of these and more require a theme and visual look. An area you might forget about is any table or bench you have to offer items on. By covering it with a personalized table topper, you’ll not only hide any dirty marks but also contribute to the branded look of your overall event or design.

Whether you’re thinking of adding a custom table covering for your business, restaurant, event or trade show display, we’ve got you covered at SpeedPro Santa Rosa. We specialize in printing large-format graphics to keep your brand visible and on display at all times. If your company or organization needs additional branding in the nine Bay Area counties around San Francisco, contact us right away to begin the customization process.

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Who Can Benefit From Custom Table Coverings for Businesses?

While you might commonly associate custom table coverings for businesses with trade show displays and expositions, people in these scenarios are not the only ones who stand to benefit.

Have you ever been to a schooling open house or a sponsored job fair? Table runners and coverings are widely used in such situations. Show off your school spirit with your mascot’s face printed on your table cover. Add your sorority’s letters or your club’s logo in large print, ensuring people can see who you are and create a welcoming presence for all interested.

If you’re the owner of a restaurant, you might also want to invest in some branded restaurant table toppers. Keeping your dining area looking uniform in design and appeal is a critical factor in how a diner’s experience will be shaped. You’ll also be adding to the color scheme of your interior design — keep your room as bright or as dim as you want with your desired table topper.

No matter which profession or industry you’re a part of, customized table coverings can enhance the appearance of your tables.

What Personalized Table Toppers Are Available?

At SpeedPro Santa Rosa, we make a vast range of options available to create the perfect cover for your table. We offer display types that include:

  • Convertible
  • Fitted
  • Imprinted
  • Printed
  • Stretched

Fitted business table-toppers adhere to the exact dimensions of your table. Stretched table toppers, on the other hand, are flexible and can be pulled around the legs of it, creating an indented appearance. Full- and economy-sized coverings are also available to fulfill your needs. Full coverage toppers drape over the front and backside of your table, while economy-sized fittings cover the front and leave the back open, providing optimal space for legroom or extra storage under the table.

Find Attractive Business Table Toppers in Santa Rosa

SpeedPro Santa Rosa has all the knowledge and equipment necessary to keep your restaurant, job fair setup or trade show display looking attractive and effectively branded. Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment with our team.

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