How Does Wide-Format Printing Impact Cross-Channel Marketing?

NOVEMBER 7, 2018| SpeedPro Santa Rosa

If you’re not implementing a cross-channel marketing approach in your business, you’re missing out on a key demographic of consumers. Nearly three in four consumers said they prefer an integrated marketing approach. Even more importantly, multi-channel customers spend three to four times more than single-channel customers.

Here’s a little more on what multi-channel marketing entails, and why a wide-format printing solutions provider is an integral component to a strong cross-channel marketing approach:

What is Cross-Channel Marketing?

Cross-channel marketing approaches make it easy for customers to complete desired conversions on whatever medium they’re most comfortable with – giving them a more active role in the sales funnel.

In today’s technology-driven marketing era, there are many online channels you can leverage in order to reach potential consumers – from websites to email and mobile marketing campaigns. Still, your online marketing initiatives are most effective when used in conjunction with traditional avenues like in-store signage and traditional advertisements that will bring customers into your business.

Why Are Wide-Format Printed Ads Essential to My Cross-Channel Marketing Efforts?

While many businesses funnel their marketing dollars into online marketing campaigns, forward-thinking companies are placing more of an emphasis on traditional advertisements and focusing on a truly integrated marketing campaign across channels.

Since 2010, companies have spent 35 percent more on outdoor ads, making it one of the fastest-growing non-internet ad media. Why is this seemingly old-school ad format suddenly booming? Companies are learning that not only is the digital marketing space becoming increasingly crowded, but that most consumers actually prefer traditional advertising mediums.

And, with 26 percent of internet users circumventing digital ads by using ad blockers, in-store and outdoor signage are some of the most effective and surefire ways to get ads in front of your audience. So, while digital marketing is generally effective, it’s less effective if it’s not used in a cross-channel approach with traditional ads.

How Can I Create Cost-Effective Traditional Ads?

Many of today’s modern marketers are well-versed in the world of digital ads but less knowledgeable about the ins and outs of effective traditional ads. That’s where comprehensive print solutions providers like SpeedPro come in.

We see ourselves as an extension of each of our clients’ marketing departments, making sure we are creating a true partnership with every business. We don’t just design and print large-scale graphics for your traditional ads. Instead, we work with you to create a comprehensive strategy that will seamlessly integrate with and complement your existing marketing efforts, while reaching your audience – when they’re offline – in the most effective ways. Here are some essential traditional ad formats SpeedPro creates that consistently keep your brand top-of-mind for consumers, while also driving customer visits and sales:

  • Banners – Simple as they may seem, banners are some of the best ways to display a message that stands up to time and weather, and stands out with bold graphics. Since we use top-quality materials from leading manufacturers, you can rest assured your investment will last for years. And fully customizable, our banners can range from 30 inches wide up to 196 inches-providing clients with ample space to accommodate the design elements of their custom banner with superior quality and great visibility.
  • Elevator Wraps – In multi-floor venues with a lot of patrons, using the available elevators to your advantage can make for a unique marketing experience. Whether it’s an office building, mall or restaurant, displaying your message on these always-in-motion avenues puts your brand in front of your audience time and time again.
  • Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays – When you’re taking a new product or service demonstration on the road, POP displays are crucial elements to use at trade shows and expos. These displays draw in potential customers to interact with your product, get to know your brand and ultimately, become a loyal customer.

With all three of these formats, including QR codes or unique URLs can help bridge traditional ads with digital channels where consumers can take advantage of web-only promotions and similar exclusive offers. You’re are also in a better position to track the return on your investment by including a link to digital media by analyzing how much online traffic you generate and what percentage of visitors convert as customers.

Whether your business is consumer-facing or B2B-focused, utilizing traditional ads – outside your business or at trade shows – is integral to an effective marketing strategy.

And while creating a comprehensive and memorable cross-channel marketing campaign may seem like a substantial undertaking, print solutions providers like SpeedPro can make it exponentially less time and labor-intensive for you and your team. As experts in the realm of visual communication, and the nation’s biggest wide-format graphics producer, we will create eye-catching visuals for all your traditional ad formats – and make sure they work in tandem with your existing efforts to boost sales.


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