5 Reasons for Using a Custom Tent for Your Next Event

AUGUST 12, 2021| SpeedPro Shawnee

As a business, your effort extends far beyond your products and services. You spend time, money, and energy cultivating a rapport with your clients and customers. In many cases, the best way to do this is by attending or hosting events.

You may sponsor a local 5K run and hand drinks to runners under the summer sun. Or, you may set up a booth on a bustling trade show floor to enjoy a day full of customer connections. Each business accomplishes this task differently, but the common thread is valuable interaction.

The less glamorous — but crucial — side of attending or hosting events is figuring out what supplies your crew needs. Your setup likely varies based on the event and location. For many businesses, event tents help to provide shade and create a coordinated space. A generic event tent serves its purpose, but it doesn’t pull its weight when it comes to all of your event goals. That’s why investing in a branded pop-up tent, pole tent or frame tent could maximize your event presence.

Here are five reasons to consider purchasing a custom tent before your next event:


Making an impact with your customers is an important part of your events. As people wander through the venue and reach your tent, you want them to notice the details you’ve put into your setup — the colors, the designs, the free products, and more.

To illustrate your potential customer impact, consider:

  • Memorability: If a customer interacts with a business that has a unique setup and one that has a non-customized setup, which one will they remember?
  • Share-ability: Which of the two described setups would the customer be most likely to talk about and share with others?

An event tent featuring your logo and colors contributes to a unique and distinguished station. You can use a custom tent to get people talking about your business along with standout giveaway items.

Your tent can also function as an extension of your customer service. If customers have a warm exchange with your employees, they can further connect your brand with high-quality experiences. Customer service experiences like these are a large part of what helps distinguish your business from your competitors.


A key stepping stone to making your business stand out is becoming recognizable. Some of the leading brands in this category, like Apple and Nike, are recognizable from a single logo or color. No matter where you are on the recognition spectrum, you can use a custom event tent to boost your standings:

  • Newer business: If you’re growing your brand recognition, a custom outdoor event tent or pop-up tent could help get your name and logo into the world. Impress event-goers with your service and put your branding on their radar.
  • Growing business: If you’re more established but still growing as a business, a branded event tent could help propel your recognition. You can share your services with those who have heard of your business but haven’t gotten the full scoop and promote to newcomers at the same time.
  • Well-known business: If you’ve achieved local notoriety, you can maintain your presence with printed event tents. Event-goers may see your branding and make a point to stop by. Plus, you can always use the tent to expand your recognition in new areas.


It’s no surprise that large events can get chaotic. Indoors, crowds of event-goers pack a venue, and sounds of laughter or chatter echo around the room. Outdoor event spaces provide a welcoming area for event-goers, but the vast area can make it difficult to convey information. An event tent with your logo can serve as a valuable reference and respite point amid the commotion.

The way you use your tent as a reference point may vary based on the type of event:

  • Indoor trade shows and conferences: If your business presents a session or advertises with the event, you can use your booth tent as a reference point. Encourage event-goers to visit your tent by calling out its unique attributes. People will be more likely to remember what to look for, and they may be more inclined to follow through and connect with you.
  • Outdoor festivals and events: For a larger event, you can make announcements over a speaker system. Invite event-goers to stop by your outdoor event tent to enjoy whatever festivities you’ve planned. A branded tent is practical for your employees, too, as they can use it as a “home base” while working the event.


Your customers form opinions about your brand based on each interaction with your business. An event tent is another opportunity to create positive experiences that improve your customers’ view of you. Your tent may associate the following traits with your business:

  • Credibility: An impressive setup conveys your trustworthiness to customers. Your appearance alone communicates a high level of credibility and pride for your brand.
  • Cohesiveness: A tent that pulls together your brand’s colors and the logo looks undeniably polished and cohesive.
  • Experience: A custom tent sends the message that you’re no event novice. Customers may recall their experience with you at previous events and make a point to visit again.
  • Approachability: Seeing your branding on a tent may make customers feel more comfortable approaching you. This means you’ll get to interact with more of your audience and leave positive brand association fingerprints.



Your event equipment isn’t purely promotional — it also needs to be practical. After all, what’s the point of investing money into an amazing setup if it’s difficult to use and set up? Event tents have two huge advantages in this area:

  • Portability: Event tents are designed for transportation. Whether you’re flying across the country to a convention or tossing the tent in your pickup to drive it to the event, you won’t need to worry about lining up special transportation.
  • Reusability: Your tent is built to be used again and again. When your next event rolls around, simply pull the tent out and set it up. A tent with high-quality UV-resistant ink will keep its color over many uses and won’t wear out quickly.

If you’re developing new promotional materials each year, you can make your life a little easier with a branded event tent. It will last for years, and you won’t need to think about updating it.


You care about making your events as beneficial as possible. Whether you’re firing up the grill for a community barbecue or soaking up the sights and sounds at a festival, a custom tent can serve endless promotional and practical purposes. When you need a tent you can trust, turn to the experts at SpeedPro.

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