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JUNE 16, 2020| SpeedPro Shawnee



Recognizing people’s accomplishments and celebrating their service has always been important, but this year, with such unusual circumstances, this task has become trickier than it used to be. Take graduation or commencement ceremonies, for example. Most 2020 grads won’t experience the pomp and circumstance we normally put on for graduates due to the pandemic.

How can we honor grads despite social distancing? Grad recognition signs are a great option. In fact, recognition signage can help us thank and honor all sorts of people this year. Let’s find out how.


Recognition signs are displays meant to honor and celebrate people, either individuals or groups of people. Recognition signage is always a great way to draw attention to someone’s dedication or accomplishments, but these signs are gaining greater importance at the moment. Since ceremonies and other gatherings have been canceled, these signs provide an alternative way to honor someone from a distance.

For example, in-person graduations this spring have had to be canceled, leaving graduates with an anticlimactic end to the school year. In response, many schools and communities are creating recognition signs for graduates to display outside of their homes. These signs can help a graduate feel special rather than overlooked during this unusual time.

Another example is honoring local heroes who are putting time and effort into caring for the community. This could be local business owners who are working hard and adapting to meet the needs of their community and keep the local economy alive. Or, it could be local healthcare workers putting their own health and safety on the line to help others.

Many people deserve some recognition, not just during the pandemic, but at other times, as well. You can use recognition signs to thank your local law enforcement, celebrate a big win for the local sports team, congratulate a community member who won a national competition, or honor a professor for a major achievement.


Choose outdoor displays for maximum impact for recognition signage.

Recognition signs can come in many forms. Since you want them to be visible to as many people as possible, typically, you should choose outdoor displays for maximum impact. Here are a few signage options to consider:


Banners are one of the largest displays you can use as recognition signage. You can place a banner in front of a school, government building, hospital, business, or any other building to celebrate the people who work inside. You can also create banners to honor individual people and place them at their homes, though this can be a bit challenging to do if you want the display to be a surprise since you’ll have to find a place to hang the banner.

You can also create freestanding banner displays using retractable banner stands. Banners come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, so you can choose the best options for your application. Whatever you choose, you can create a colorful, eye-catching display.


You’ve probably seen yard signs used for promoting political candidates or messages or advertising open houses. Yard signs are temporary displays that are affordable and convenient to install. They are attached to thin stakes you can easily drive into the ground. SpeedPro can help you create yard signs that are a cut above some of the generic ones you’ve seen before. You can create yard signs that are colorful and totally customized.

Because yard signs are more affordable, you can create signs for many individuals rather than one sign for a whole group. For example, a school could create yard signs that read, “A [High School Name] Grad Lives Here!” A hospital could create signs for their employees that says, “A Healthcare Hero Lives Here!” You can take your recognition a step further by creating signs that are personalized to each individual, including their name or picture.


Flags are big, bold, and fun displays. Because they flutter in the wind, they have an especially whimsical feel. You can create signs in various shapes and sizes and choose colors that match your branding or will pop especially well in the setting where you plan to install them.

You can create just one flag or a series of flags. When you line up flags together, you can create a bigger, bolder display and include more text since you can divide the words among the flags. For example, each flag could boldly feature one or two words to form the sentence, “Congrats to the Class of 2020!” or, “We Thank Our Local Heroes!”


Window decals are a great option if you want to make your display part of your storefront. Window graphics can be as small as a decal on the entry door or as large as a graphic display that covers your whole windowfront. These graphics are easy to apply. You can create window graphics that face outward, inward, or both.

Creating window decals is a great way to recognize your employees’ hard work and dedication. A popular phrase that some places of business have embraced for recognition signage is, “Heroes Work Here.” You can keep this same sentiment but make your custom decals more personalized to your business.


If you want a more permanent or larger-scale display to make a lasting impression on your community, a wall mural is an excellent option to consider. You don’t have to commission an artist and wait a long time to bring your vision to life. With a printed graphic mural, you can create the perfect graphics and text to capture your message.

SpeedPro will print it using the appropriate substrate, ink, and finishes, and then you simply apply it to a wall, turning it into an unforgettable display. You can install wall murals inside and outside, as long as you choose outdoor-grade materials. A wall mural can take a hero recognition sign to the next level, turning it into a focal point in your business or in your town.


SpeedPro can help you design and create hero recognition signs and grad recognition signs to thank and celebrate with the people who deserve it the most. We’re committed to fast turnaround times so you can see your vision become a reality quickly and start saying “thank you” or “congratulations” to people in your community right away.

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