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7 Trade Show Tips 2015

JUNE 2, 2015| SpeedPro Silver Spring



1. The Best Offense is a Great “Offense”

When attending a trade show the last thing you want to be is re-active. Don’t go to a trade show to play defense because you know your competition is going to be there. Go in with a pro-active and outgoing mind-set, but be careful to not be too aggressive.

2. Presentation and Appearance Matters

While at a trade show, your booth will have seconds at most to catch the eyes of hundreds of potential customers. No matter what industry you are in; the size, color, and quality of your displays can be huge factors in attracting potential customers. Our team at SpeedPro can answer any of your trade show questions as well as provide any display or presentation graphics you may need in the future.

3. Promotional Giveaways (S.W.A.G.)

Having things to give away or S.W.A.G. (Stuff We All Get) is not only a great way to get people to your booth, but it’s also a great way to stick in the attendee’s minds months after the show. If you offer something of future use, like a nice mug or legal sized note pad, a former trade show attendee may pick it up months later and remember your company or even a conversation you two had.

4. Show Your Industry Expertise

Potential clients already expect you to be an expert on your company. A great way to start building a relationship is to show that you can be a broad source of knowledge on your industry. Examples of this can be anything from providing a top 10 product list to a list of the newest industry trends. If a trade show is from out of town, offer to make some restaurant or bar recommendations.

5. If You Let Them Play, They Will Come

If you want people to come to your booth, you need to stand out and offer more than your typical flyer. Anything from interactive iPad and laptop displays, to work samples (if company is able) can help attract more people to your booth. Our team at SpeedPro can work with you to provide your potential booth attendees with interactive exhibits to keep them engaged and interested in your company

6. Spy Game

Espionage is a surprising trend at trade shows. This is more common at industry specific trade shows that take place over several days. Your competition may come over to your booth disguised to size you up. A great counter-intel trick to exercise is to stay vigilant of people asking very specific questions that a regular attendee wouldn’t think to ask.

7. It’s a Marathon, not a Race and Finish Strong

Whether the trade show you are attending is 4 hours or 4 days long, remember it’s not a race to talk to the most people all at once. A lot of times attendees who are really serious about acquiring your services will come by when these events are winding down. Always stay to the end and finish strong.

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