InfoLnkX is a touch-free technology which helps businesses to put in place social distancing and safety efforts.


InfoLnX signage tech allows restaurants to offer customers and employees a touch-free dining experience.

The signage tech can be inserted into any custom sign, large or small, from beautiful wall murals to decals on a dinner table.

Since restaurants can use the technology to provide menus, this saves the cost of one-time-use menus and reduces the risk of transmission.

Breweries with large beer selections or rotating taps can dynamically update their menus without costly reprints.  Restaurants can update easily their menus if some options aren’t available all the time. This flexibility reduces the contact between the restaurant employee and the customer.

InfoLnkX can be used by a restaurant or retailer to direct a customer to any webpage, including a checkout page. InfoLnkX itself doesn’t process the payment, but provides clients another touch-free way to manage customer payments through their own processing method.

Other Uses

Imagine walking into a museum, retail store, hospital, hotel room or office building – anywhere information is shared – and simply holding up your phone to get instructions, exhibit information, a discount, or directional information.

What Else Can This Do?

SpeedPro’s innovative signage tech allows the ability to provide more than what can be printed on a display. Customers can see

-website links

-video or audio files


-other communications

InfoLnkX customers only need to hold their phone up to an indicated place in a sign or decal. InfoLnkX can be  inserted into any customer sign from beautiful wall murals to decals on a dinner table. This keeps the focus on the company and not on the tech. Contact us to use InfoLnkX today!

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