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Add Some Spice!

APRIL 11, 2019| SpeedPro Silver Spring



As spring approaches, many organizations are ramping up for meetings, trade shows and parties. “Step and Repeats” can add some spice!

“Step and Repeat” refers to 

1) the fact that people step in front, take a picture, move on-and the next person comes up to repeat the pattern and

2) the pattern of images that’s in the background of many step and repeats where one or more logos are in a pattern to be seen in pictures


These photos often end up on social media (sometimes with a #hashtag) and spread the information of the organizations or the sponsors of an event. It’s great as a thank you or for brand recognition!


Step and repeats can also hold images. Here is our booth at The Big Event, with a large image of Washington DC behind. It was great for traffic, as many people came by to have their picture taken with this background!

Bethesda Chamber

Installation Dinner


Step and repeats are often 8’x8′ but can be bigger or smaller. They can be done in scrim banner, in fabric, or even as part of a wide retractable banner.

These are so versatile. They can be used as a photo opportunity at one event, as a backdrop later at a trade show and as decoration in the office when not in use. We have ours up in the office, so drop in to see it!

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