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FEBRUARY 9, 2018| SpeedPro Silver Spring

The saying goes, “these walls have ears.”   No doubt – your customers are always listening.   They’re also looking – actively searching for new ideas and solutions.   And high-quality wall murals, one of the leading printing and graphics solutions we provide at SpeedPro Silver Spring, can turn your walls into works of art capable of delivering powerful marketing messages.

Regardless of the business, you’re running-be it a restaurant, a marketing agency, a medical practice, a school or hosting an event-you’re missing out on a massive marketing opportunity if your walls aren’t speaking to your customers.

Part of the appeal of high-quality wall murals is the versatility. An easy application process allows them to be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. No stone should ever be left unturned when it comes to making sure your customers know what you’re saying…and wall murals provide you with a big, bold and vibrant vehicle that consistently delivers those messages.

Compared to “run of the mill” paint jobs, investing in high-quality wall murals can actually more cost-effective in the long run.   While standard paint jobs can be cheaper up front, consider the following.

  • Wall murals have triple the lifespan of paint – 7-10-year lifespan for high-quality wall murals v. 2-3-year lifespan 
  • Wall murals are versatile and act as a defense shield – high-quality wall murals are more durable and much easier to maintain than paint. 
  • Wall mural maintenance and repairs are simpler/cheaper – high-quality wall murals can be cleaned, protected and/or replaced in a more affordable and efficient manner than paint (which often requires you to re-paint your entire facility to match a new color choice)

And quite simply, wall murals are more effective – high-quality wall murals grab customer attention with vivid, vibrant graphics and targeted messaging.

Wall murals are certainly catching the eye of industry experts. It was one of 6 of the top design trends of 2017 according to Houston designer Marie Flanigan, who adds, “it’s such a cool way of doing art.”

Many of our clients love those high-quality wall murals are an environmentally safe yet effective marketing tool that integrates with their specific industry/business model.   Here are some industry-specific examples:


When diners feel more at home, they’re more likely to make a return visit to your establishment. Let SpeedPro improve the ambiance in your restaurant to get them to stay longer, drink more and order additional menu items.

Health Care

Wall-coverings establish a home aesthetic that makes patients feel more at home and less like they’re inside an industrial facility. That, in turn, supports wellness and helps promote the therapeutic qualities necessary for patient recovery.

Corporate Offices 

Wall murals add character and warmth to space. They transform a cold, drab cubicle filled office space into a positive, upbeat atmosphere filled with warmth that bolsters creativity. This “word wall” shows the key ideas or staff and customers to think about through the day.


Wall murals showcase a business’ logo and brand and help create the feeling that the retail space wants to project. They are a cost-effective way to highlight the brand’s key messages/value propositions or specific limited-time offer products.


Wall murals in schools help set a tone for the school and can showcase art, history, mathematics, science or any ideas.


Temporary wall murals can be used to create ambiance, fun and energy at events.


Regardless of the high-impact statement, your company is trying to make, SpeedPro Silver Spring is ready and willing to tailor a customized, high-quality wall mural that will generate the results you’re seeking.  

We’re proud to be leading the wall mural charge at SpeedPro and would love to help you customize a product that specifically fits your needs and budget.

We all know your walls have ears. Now’s the time to give them a voice, too! 


Check out this video showcasing a wall mural that transformed the work space.

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