Fundraiser for NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease

APRIL 20, 2020| SpeedPro Silver Spring



We are so proud to support this important work in our backyard. SpeedPro is used to working on Great. Big. Graphics. and we never anticipated that printing something that feels so small would create such a big impact.

We are printing lawn signs as quickly as we can so that you too can be part of the hope and thanks that people need so badly.

45% of the gross sales through April 30 will be donated to NIH NIAID to help them continue their critical research.

All signs are roughly 44″ wide by 10″ high and come with an H-stake for easy display. Each sign is $32. Pick up in Silver Spring is free and we can ship out of town for $15 per package.

You can purchase these signs here

Please call us at 301-588-7733 or email Anni, Rick and Connie at info (at)

Foundation for the National Institutes of Health 

To find out how SpeedPro Silver Spring has been giving back to the community check out this video!

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