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From site plans and renderings to wall murals, wide-format printing is a mainstay at any architectural design firm. Wide-format printing can also play an integral role in building a brand – both for you and your clients.
Architectural signage and other large-scale graphics can elevate any environment while boosting your brand. By incorporating architectural signage into your own office design, you can make a strong impression with prospective clients and entice them to give you their business. We are working with clients now to ensure they are set when workers and clients can come back to offices.
Similarly, you can help clients accomplish their business objectives by offering them best-in-class designs that feature strong architectural signage and other elements.


The Heart of Charlotte Has A New Beat wall banner
The way you visually present your expertise affects how clients see you, and visual communications play a key role in making a strong impression. Prospective clients begin to form a first impression of an architect and interior designer as soon as they see a sign, so make sure the association they’re making is a fabulous one.
With the right exterior and architectural signage, you can instantly show clients your value proposition, while showcasing your overall aesthetic, style and strong eye for design.
A custom exterior sign or outdoor panel and post system, such as welcoming or directional signage, can embody the aesthetic approach of your firm while serving important wayfinding functions for prospective clients looking for your business.
Incorporate a similar branded look to follow throughout your firm’s interior, with interior wall murals, window graphics and other signage and design elements that showcase your professionalism and conceptual continuity.
Balfour Beatty Construction window graphics
When prospects are impressed with the overall look and feel of your firm, they’ll be much more likely to sign with you.



Just as architectural signage can boost your own business, it can be just as impactful for your clients.
Sometimes, a single sign isn’t enough, and oftentimes, a business’ signage goals go beyond strictly advertising or making an impression at a trade show. That’s when architectural signage comes in.
Going further than temporary promotional signs, architectural signage includes custom signs or a signage system that help provide brand identification and wayfinding within a specific building, facility or campus.
Glass sign for on the wall with black font for "Tenderloin Conference Room"
Unlike temporary, portable signs and other marketing collateral, architectural signage is permanent and sometimes even built directly into a physical structure. Strong architectural signage should be durable and long-lasting since it’s always intended as a long-term solution.
Including anything from textured wall murals to glass fixtures and permanent directional signs, architectural signage is one of the most versatile design tools that can upgrade any environment. It also comes in a wide variety of finishes, including an array of wood, stone and metal surfaces.
Not only does this signage create a modern, upscale and professional office environment, it can also be a powerful branding tool.
By creating a site design leveraging architectural signage that uses your client’s logo and other branding elements, you’re able to offer them a strongly-branded and cohesive environment. Plus, including these custom design elements also helps you differentiate yourself from competitor firms while showing your client you truly understand their business and brand identity.
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