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MAY 9, 2019| SpeedPro Silver Spring


In many ways, owning a business with a brick-and-mortar location is a lot like trying to sell real estate. In real estate, curb appeal and location are the two things you hear about the most. Just as the location of a house or property for sale is crucial, the location of your business matters. People are going to be more likely to find your store or another type of establishment if it’s located along a busy thoroughfare rather than tucked away on a tiny side street or alley.
Curb appeal is also critical when it comes to attracting customers to your business. Curb appeal can influence up to 70 percent of all first-time sales. If you own a business that sees any amount of foot traffic, curb appeal is something you need to consider.
One way to improve your company’s curb appeal and convince people who might otherwise walk by to stop in and check you out is through the use of window graphics.


One way to think about curb appeal is to consider any feature on the exterior of your business that makes your company look more inviting to a customer. When a potential customer approaches your business, they should immediately get the sense that the property is well cared for and that you and your team take pride in what you do.
If the exterior of the property gives off the impression that no one’s home or that no one cares, a customer might question whether or not the company is invested in its products or services or has concern for the needs of its customers. If the exterior of the business looks neglected or sketchy, people might not feel safe enough to walk from their car to the front door, and they’ll likely decide to go somewhere else.
For businesses, curb appeal is made up of a variety of components. Depending on where your company is located, some or all of the following factors might play an essential role in its curb appeal:
  • Landscaping: If you do have greenery growing outside, it’s important for you to keep it looking good.
  • Walls and doors: Clean exterior walls and doors help to make people feel like your business is thriving and that it’s something worth taking a look at.
  • Windows: Windows are the “eyes” of your business, giving passersby a chance to take a peek in and see if they like what they see. You can also use window graphics to send a message to passersby and make your company seem even more inviting.
  • Signs: Just as window graphics can help invite customers in and share valuable information with them, so can signs. Signs on the front door or propped up just outside the entryway can welcome people in, let them know about any sales or specials and share other fun and useful details with them.
  • Window displays: Like window graphics, window displays can welcome people into your business and boost its curb appeal. A window display gives you a chance to show off your inventory while making the exterior of your business visually appealing. Window displays are such an effective way to boost curb appeal that major department stores have made creating an eye-catching and engaging window display a holiday tradition.
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