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Ideas to Help Your Business

MARCH 26, 2020| SpeedPro Silver Spring


Here are some businesses that are ordering graphics right now:
-Car dealerships
-Cleaning companies
-Hospitals and health organizations
-Property managers with new rules and information how to reach them
-Restaurants and retail for curbside checkout signs
-Supermarkets for directional signage and other needs
-Regional real estate brokers
-Schools and other organizations that have playgrounds (coroplast signs to stay off equipment)
Here are some ideas we’ve had for keeping your business engaged during this time. We would be delighted to add to this list and link to your business in a future email so please send any additional ideas, seminars, networking to
-Review a business you’ve used in the past – they will be most grateful.
-Ask your customers for reviews for your biz (Google, Yelp, Facebook)
-Update your website. We are adding lots of content to ours right now. Let us know if there’s info you’d like to see there.
-Follow a business you’ve used on social media and again ask your customers to follow you. (We are on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.)
-Attend a chamber online networking or online learning (here’s a noon virtual lunch this Friday with the Bethesda Chamber-everyone welcome).
-Attend a BNI near you. They are all online now making it easy to join a meeting.
-Buy a gift card from a business you like that can’t stay open.
-Get a free Zoom account and meet with some of your clients to see how they are doing.
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