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Let Your Construction Space Work For You

JUNE 6, 2019| SpeedPro Silver Spring


Posted on: March 18, 2015
Construction work can be a time to increase your visibility. We can help!
Whatever kind of noise, dust or debris may happen behind the walls of your construction, let SpeedPro put your best look front and center until you are ready. There’s no reason to forego top branding exposure while your business prepares for its opening day!
Whether you are remodeling, transitioning to a new location, or preparing for a grand opening, we can help!
Window Graphics:
Use your window space to entice customers to your location, to create excitement about your changes, or to let them know you’re open during construction. You can “Turn Your Glass Into Cash.”
Barricade Covers:
Barricade graphics can help advertise in multiple ways. This type of large format print is applied to an external barrier as a colorful wrap and serves the dual purpose of disguise and intrigue.
Many barricade graphics occur in malls, where the temporary plywood walls surrounding a retail space can be transformed with brand imagery and teasers for the future store.

Mesh Banners:

SpeedPro has also printed long runs of mesh banner, for attachment to moveable chain link fence at outdoor sites for under-construction projects.  Super graphic images – as a mural or series of individual compositions – can work for downtown high-rises, apartments or condos.
We’ll help you transform your construction into a billboard that can attract employees, direct people to your company’s website, and get buyers ready and waiting for the shop to open.  If your company is under construction, let us deal with the mess and create brand exposure and buzz.
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