Social Distancing Signs and Graphics

JULY 9, 2020| SpeedPro Silver Spring



Floor Decals can be used to enforce social distancing in areas where students typically congregate, such as waiting in lines, using the bathroom, exercising in the gym, during lunch, using locker rooms, and during arrival/dismissal. The markings can be arranged on the floor to communicate to students where to stand in order to create physical space between one another.

Wall and Elevator Decals can offer reminders to maintain social distancing in shared spaces.

Graphics for Handwashing and Masks

Handwashing decals and clings can be placed in all bathroom areas, for both staff and students. Wall Decals reminding students, staff, and visitors to wear masks can be placed throughout buildings.

Other Safety Measures

Sanitizer Tube Stands and Sanitizer Stations can be set up around busy areas of the school for clear and easy access to hand sanitizer.

Touch-free and smart sign technology

SpeedPro’s new product InfoLnkX helps to put in place social distancing and safety efforts. By simply putting up your phone to an indicated place on a sign or decal you can access programmed website links, video/audio files, or other communications. This would be ideal to provide campus maps, enhance classroom experiences, and offer touch free alternatives to print communications.

You can visit our online store for more examples, however all of our signs are fully customizable for size, material, and design to meet your needs. Our signage is durable and can withstand cleaning practices.

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