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Substrates 101: How to find that perfect “Substrate”

JUNE 20, 2019| SpeedPro Silver Spring



SpeedPro has the best substrates for your large displays and wide format posters. Our range of substrates are durable, flexible and affordable. Five of the most commonly used:

  1. Foamcore: This material comes in different thicknesses but the most common is 3/16″. Foamcore is a substrate best for indoor, temporary use. It is inexpensive and lightweight. It is also prone to denting, so be careful of your corners, this material cannot handle rough handling.
  1. Ultra Mount: This material is also most common in a 3/16″ thickness. It is similar to foamcore in that it has foam in the middle, but instead of having a thick paper on each side, it features thin sheets of plastic on each side. The plastic makes the material more durable and less prone to denting. It is better for something that you plan to use a few times.
  1. PVC: PVC, which is also often called Sintra, is a substrate that also comes in a variety of thicknesses but is most common in 3mm. This substrate is made entirely of thin plastic. It is durable, moderately heavy, won’t dent, and good for outdoor uses. It is heavier than gatorboard and can bend slightly.
  1. Coroplast: This substrate is typically used for yard signs. It is made out of corrugated plastic and perfect for outdoors. This material sturdy and lightweight, but it isn’t meant to be permanent. It is normally posted up with metal stakes for a temporary period of time.
  1. Polystyrene: Polystryene is a thin, waterproof, rollable plastic, available in several thicknesses. This versatile material is great for many different uses – everything from outdoor frames that require thin signage to trade show graphics, as they can be rolled for easy transport.

Note: These are five of the most common substrates but we can use many others. For example, we can use metal substrates like Dibond, which is an industry standard metal base product.

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