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We all know how popular long-haul trucks are on the road. Whether they’re traveling through an unfamiliar state or barreling down a busy city street, their presence is always known because of their stature and loud noise. But what if there was a way to capitalize on that attention? Instead of being recognized as a large vehicle on the road, your work truck could be actively promoting your business wherever your journey takes you every day.

At SpeedPro Solutions, we can make that dream a reality. Our commercial truck wraps will keep eyes on you for more than a simple glance, encouraging passersby to look at your details and understand who you represent on the road. Custom truck wraps can bring your brand the exposure and visibility you’ve been looking for. If your company is located in Hillsborough County, reach out to our team today.

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Should You Choose Custom Truck Wraps With Cast or Calendar Vinyl?

For commercial work trucks, the process of applying custom vehicle wraps is specific. Your wrap needs to be large enough, but that’s not all. It also requires the perfect blend of both durability and flexibility to fit comfortably around your haul. To meet the needs of your brand, you can choose between cast and calendar vinyl.

Cast vinyl is a thinner vinyl product that can stay put for a considerable amount of time. No matter how many areas of your truck you want to cover, cast can do it all. For side panels, cast vinyl works exceptionally well, as its thin layers contribute to its ease on laying on and adhering.

Calendar vinyl is the opposite. With a thicker and heftier build, this vinyl will sit durably along your haul. Despite it not being as flexible, calendar vinyl can position itself over any exposed bolts and around corners without tearing or ripping apart. If you’re looking to put a few sheets of a wrap around all areas of your truck, you may prefer a calendar vinyl wrap.

No matter which vinyl you choose, SpeedPro can find the perfect match for your branding and coverage needs.

What’s Best, Full or Partial Truck Wraps?

The biggest decision you’ll have to make is how much coverage you want for your brand. Whether you’re choosing between partial and full truck wraps or temporary and permanent branding, there are options for you.

For the most exposure, a full truck wrap is what you want. With it, you can cover all surfaces of your truck, including the back-haul doors, as well as the front hood of your cabin. A partial truck wrap is ideal if you’ve already established your branding methods and just want to make sure your truck looks decorated while out and about. If you go with partial, you’ll be able to specify which particular areas of your commercial truck you want wrapped and branded for display.

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