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Large Format Printing In Tampa Florida

Whether you have a large format printing job or a fleet to wrap our highly professional team at SpeedPro will get your project done right. We’re experts in visual communication and advise the best material or products to accomplish your goals. We are committed to helping our clients find the right solutions for their needs. We will help you get the exposure and visibility you’re looking for. Our dedicated staff has more than 20 years in the large format printing business. We love providing solutions and assisting our clients in solving their unique challenges. More importantly, our clients love the peace of mind our quality, attention to detail, and quick turn-around times provide.

Doug Gritsons

Production Technician

Meet the Team – Doug Gritsons, Production Technician

Doug is from Chicago and a big fan of the Blackhawks & the “Cubbies”. As luck would have it Doug and his beautiful wife Amanda wanted to move from Chicago to Tampa and we were able to help make that possible with a job offer. Doug has been a great addition to our work family and we hope we are a part of his and Amanda’s journey for a long time.

He started working in the print industry right after graduating from The Illinois Institute of Art, Doug really loves the creativity of the job and has been enjoying it for almost 10 years now. He likes to spend his free time with his wife at the beach or at home playing video games together. Doug has three pets at home and loves almost all animals, I have come to learn that Doug is not a big fan of snakes. His favorite movie is John Carpenter’s The Thing and I think Amanda just may be able to talk him into skydiving one day.

Welcome Doug, Sheri and I are really happy to have you on the team.

Sheri Concotelli

Sales and Operations

Sheri brings extensive corporate training and experience in Human Resources, Health benefits, Insurance and payroll services. She also has a very genuine personality that quickly puts people at ease.

She’s great at working with customers and also very intuitive to the needs and services required to accomplish the task.

Rick Concotelli

Sales and Operations

I am so proud to have an opportunity to create a service operation that is dedicated to our customers success by creating economical solutions to their large format needs.

Sheri and I look forward to supporting our customer our employees and our community.

SpeedPro Tampa East

Studio Owners

Rick & Sheri Concotelli